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Lord, are these guys for real?

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Dear Father:

You know, people often say that politics make strange bed fellows, but what they don’t add is that politics can make grown men and women sometimes behave like kids. It makes very responsible people talk dirty. They talk at one point as if there is no tomorrow. And they go about not knowing their ratings in society has dropped.

What they also forget is that the human mind is very ungrateful-it forgets the goods but keeps the evil. One may say the human heart is quick to forget-the good. But the evil, it lingers on in the mind till death. No wonder Shakespeare wrote in the play Julius Caesar, that the “good is often inter with the bones.

I know, Caesar was a very good man bla bla bla, where are you heading with this my son? Father, haven’t you heard that of late there have been thunders of insults pouring from the camp of the Rooster and the Handshakes? I mean insults that can only be heard from people of the street not from those considered as Chiefs and Paramount Chief.

Didn’t you hear the Paramount Chief from the lower end of the Traditional Council calling a chief from the upper end of the Traditional Council a coward, somebody lacking courage and can be bullied.

What brought about this whole thunderous exchange between these two big people my son?

Father the Paramount Chief who was once a close ally of the Rooster man and even went to extend of encouraging the Rooster man to form an alliance with the Handshakes, appears to have arrived.

This was after they had helped catapulted him to stardom by making him the Paramount Chief at the lower end of the Traditional Council. Today he considers himself as one of our village wealthiest man.

But you see, haven attained stardom, the Paramount Chief wants more and since he figured he can’t get more, he decided to rebel and amid the spilling of beans all over the area from that camp..

Not only did he go on spilling the beans, but has been revealing some tight kept secrets from the camp of the Rooster and the Handshake.

Being the head of this camp, the chief from the upper end of the Traditional Council could not stand it but to describe the Paramount Chief as ungrateful. In simple term what the Chief from the Upper end of the Traditional Council is saying is that whatever the Paramount Chief from the lower end of the Traditional Council thinks he may have suffered while in the camp of the Rooster and Handshakes, he should not forget that they brought him to stardom.

Come to think of it, this Paramount Chief was practically nothing to write home about when the Rooster and Handshakes picked him up and dusted him up to become what he is today. This is what infuriated the Paramount Chief to call the chief from the Upper end of the Traditional Council a coward.

So you see what I said Father, the Paramount Chief has forgotten so soon that where he is today is because of the very camp and the leader of that camp he is insulting today. That’s just the heart for you.

They may called their talks and insults politics, but the heart will never trust each other again, because no matter what kind of reconciliation is held, the heart keeps record of the evil done to it.

That is why you heard people saying be careful what you say, before you regret it tomorrow.

The camp of the Rooster and Handshake may well be on fire by now with all the secrets jumping out like animals jumping from the bush when you put it on fire. But I can quite understand their frustrations because it is often said that a drowning man can even hold on to a knife.


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