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Lord, Are They Progressives Or Retrogressives? (Pt II)

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Dear Father,

My uncle once told me that when they were growing up in some of these frontline churches, with partners from Uncle Sam’s Village there were always this scholarship opportunity for young people in the church to travel abroad for studies. But the resident bishops at the time had their own agenda: They sat on the scholarships waiting for their kids who were not qualified at the time to graduate from high school to award them those scholarships.


Father, in short, what my uncle was telling me was that once the children of these so-called resident bishops did not meet the qualifications to travel abroad, no other person or youth who met the criteria could travel and so they sat on those scholarships. Can you imagine this?

In essence, what was unfolding was that these so-called bishops were taking these scholarships’ opportunity to be a personal thing solely reserve for they and their family- And that would have secure them the Church leadership for life and keep the rest of the members and their kids as servants for life.

Now, one thing my uncle also did say was that these bishops were afraid that elevating a youth other them their kids would expose their chopping to the rest of the congregation. So, travel opportunity was out of the question for any other person except for them and their families.

So it is with the so-called progressives.  Once they cannot benefit from an opportunity no one else should. They keep it as a secret, and employ all their crabologic schemes And Father, one thing I have come to notice about these retrogressives, because I can’t say progressives they hate each other to the core.

You just talk to one; you will hear some of the worst things about the other. Father, have you ever ask yourself while these people have not been able to come together and stay there to support one person? I mean a strong political party, but how far will they go with their archaic (ancient/old) political ideologies, this is if there is any ideology in the first place.

The reason is simple, they all feel they alone have the solution to our village problems no one else does. So, no matter how they try to save face by choosing one of their own to represent them in an election, they will all leave to go and support another person, all because they  feel they should be the one. We all saw that during the 2005 voting time in our village here when they elected that old economist to represent them.

The poor man had to go to his home town and bring all those oldma them and gathered them on the field for rally, while they jumped behind the footballer and the old lady. Ay man!

But I told you that these so-called progressives are very vicious people who have no blue print for this village’s future except destruction and interim positions. No wonder when you talk to one, their dream is another interim government.

You see what is happening with the threshold bill, instead of them talking they are not doing it too; all they are praying for is that things should chakla so that they can form another interim government again.  For true?

But Father, you, yourself ya, you think anybody can elect any of these people here to any office? You know how many of them have been running for elective positions in this town that they can’t win? Have you ever asked why?

The people from their orientation, they are self seeking people so even in their own houses, they can’t win more than one vote, that outside of their homes they will win something.

The only thing the people are good at is to criticize. And when they find an incumbent government recruiting some of their people and leaving them out, then the next thing they do is scheming. They make that leader feel very uncomfortable with that person.

Hear them: “you need to watch mister ‘x’ or mister ‘y’.” We all know, at least history has taught us what they did to the late soldier president, when he took over and invited them to serve.

They soon started telling the young soldier how to be careful with this other person or that other person. And they were all progressives of course, and you expect that they will all hold together.

But their nature always betrayed them, that is to destroy others. No wonder that other handicap up there feels that the best thing to do is to engage in character assassination-but his days are drawing nearer. When the same language he uses to get at others will be used against him to pull him down, it is just a matter of time and we will get there.

Editors Notes: Dear readers sorry for the long break in bringing to you the part II of this letter. The delay was due to the holidays in between time and had nothing to do with the direct line to the Oldman. It was never affected by striking lightening thunder as other lines and transmitters were.

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