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 Lord, are they really eyeing interim government?


Dear Father:
Um, you know, there is a common phrase people frequently use and more often than not we tend to under play the magnitude of such a phrase or statement. That is I often hear people say, “today, you shall know me. You have not known me before but today you shall know me.”

In our village settings, you often hear it being put like this-“you don’t know me before that today you will know me.”

Truly, it is very difficult to know the true nature of a person unless something pops up. No matter how long a man hides, his true character will one day show up.

So when a man tells you, you wait, you never knew me before but today you will know me, it simply means he is ready to show you his true color. Don’t get me wrong, I know in every individual there is some degree of madness-that gene that makes us get angry. When a person’s own reaches un-proportional level, he or she becomes very dangerous to his neighbors or community.

My son why all this beating about the bush?

Father, I am not beating about the bush, I am only setting the premise for what I am about to say. You know for the past few days some of our big people in our village have really shown their true colors or characters. Yes, they have at the expense of the very poor people.

I don’t know but I have found it difficult in my own thinking to distinguish between selfishness and greed. I think there is a thin line between the two or one leads to another. But whatever the case is, I personally think too much of greed and selfishness have entered our village most recent politics.

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And make no mistake Father, I am not saying some of the big people are wrong to go to the House of Elders to seek redress, but what I am also saying is that when the House of Elders grants you, your request and you turned around and employ other tactics just to create some level of uncertainties, than you have a problem.

My grandma used to say if you want to know what people think of you just cause trouble, but let me extend it more by saying if you want to know a true character of a man let something happen.

Yes, Father, it is easy to trust a man based on his conversations and other stuff, but a true nature of a person is not reveal when he is begging for help or when he needs one. It comes to the fore, when something happen.

The way we sometimes handle issues either confirm our true nature or show who we really are and what we truly stand for.

And quite honestly Father, in as much as I respect the big people in our village, some are so disappointing because they soon lost their mojo in the face of challenges.

Why preach the masses theory when you know that your mode of approach is even hurting them the more? Do you want to see them dying before you know that you are hurting them? Do you know how many businesses are suffering right now because of the ways you all are preceding?

Now, if they knew they were going to join forces, why were they insulting each other from the beginning?

So, who do they think they are fighting for now, is it us or them? Because from all I see Father, this whole thing is not about us, it is about them. Had it been about us they will not be bringing in all kinds of technicalities. Yes, they won’t have brought in all those because the sooner we depose of this thing the better it is for our village and our people.

But to be jumping around here forming strange alliances in the face of uncertainties, it makes it difficult for me to believe that somebody is fighting my battle. Whatever their agenda be it, interim government or not, you guys have shot yourselves in the legs already.

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