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Lord, are they saviors or salvagers?

Dear Father:
Hmmm, I hope what I am hearing is not true. No, I doubt it because the Footballer, in as much as I am not closed to him, I know he will not allow himself to be pulled around by people, especially with this kind of scaring news.

That is why I am saying I hope what I am hearing is not true.
Son, what is it that you are hearing?

Father, I am hearing that the Footballer is asking a certain entity to employ some 100 people from his camp. And not just employing those hundred people but paying them Uncle Sam’s Money $3500 each per month, meaning 350,000 per month and in the first place not more than three people earn this amount at that entity as we speak.

But I thought this was a pro-poor government, people who had vowed to manage your village money and deliver the much needed services to the poor people.

Ah Father that is why I am finding it very difficult to believe this kind of cheap gossip. Yes, Father, I called it cheap gossip because I know within the Footballer’s heart of hearts no entity with already over hundreds of staffs scattered all over the place can afford to recruit 100 new staffs and not only that but pay them a monthly income totaling Uncle Sam’s money $350, 000 every month plus the entity’s existing payroll.

My 8-years old daughter would say with a shout “Daddy that’s not possible!” Yes, Father and I would also join her on this other gossip in saying “that’s not possible!”

My son, what is this noise I am also hearing about voting business in your village there?
Oh, Father, it is the Voting House people and my friend from the Money House. The people from the Voting House sent their budget for the voting to replace the Footballer and the disgraced jailed Ray Hay man wife in the Upper House of the Traditional Council. But my friend from the Money House says the money the people calling for is too much.

Father the man na stop there oo, he says in fact voting na important.
Aaah, yes oo Father. The thing sef my friend na talk full my mouth. My friend says in fact voting is not important, this tend to suggest that they should just select two people and put them there as replacement. Can you imagine that Father?

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And what makes it more scaring is that if this man start talking like this it is possible 12 years from now, they will try to convince the Footballer to change our village oracle to enable him run for third term or even life time king, like it is now being done in Pekin man village.

You know, my son, what I am seeing here is a total display of arrogance.
It’s true Father. You see, when people who have not tasted power before get into power, it’s like a child, when you bring the child a gift and asked the child to give to you to either open it or something, the child says no. He or she tries to be over protective with the very thing you just deliver in his or her hands. The child tends to forget that you gave the toy or whatsoever to him in the first place.

So, I think my friend has forgotten so early that it was the same voting thing that put him in office in the first place. To come at this time now and says it’s not necessary or not important is a complete dishonesty and a show of arrogance that needs to be condemned by everyone in our Forested village.
He has good intention, but his approach is out of order Father.

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