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Lord, are they telling us one thing here and saying something else out there?

Dear Father:

Hmmm, you know the other day I was reading something sent from a far away country where the people were having a big meeting on school business and from the way the Big Man for our school business spoke at that place about our school business here, I thought it was a different person talking about their own village school business until I read the paper again.

The Man who today made many poor parents here to pay their children school fees just for them to say they have dashed the schools describing the whole thing as beyond nonsense, was the same man praising the same system at that meeting.

Tell me something my son! Yes, Father. I could not even belief that such praises were coming from our man. And the only thing he could say that they have done well. So apparently, after he got through talking saying all the good, good things about our school business here and what they are doing, one old white man just went and printed one old story about something he was purported to have said about our school business here at a program.

Our man said no, he did not say that and in fact he had contacted one of his colleagues to deal with the issue back in our village. But you know Father, I sometime feel very sorry for most of the big, big people in our village.

Why do you say so? You know they forget to know that gone are the days where they will go somewhere and say something and it remains just there. And go another place and say something else going unnoticed in this age and time.

Even the Old Man doing the Bible days was very careful, because he knew how the world would have been before the return of his son. So he said, “what I say to you, I say all.” But because of their own doing they have a way of telling us something here and when they go out there they have another way of saying the same thing.

You know, it reminds of a video of two little girls from our village that I saw on Facebook at the time I was an active user though. As funny as these little ones armature video would have appeared to many viewers, it made a lot of sense. In fact, it was loaded with lot of messages that I think the little girls or their parents did not envisioned.

Now, for those of you who did not have access to their video this is what it was all about-the girls were actually portraying two different life styles-the way they relate to their peers in school and they way they relate at home.

In school, the girls speak like real American kids, which they dramatized very well. At home, they speak in real Liberian accent. So they have two ways of relating to people outside their home and at home. For our little ones, it’s just their accents. But I have discovered over time that this is exactly how our big, big village people behave. They travel out there and give inflated impressions about our village to strangers about what they have achieved back here but in real time, when you x-ray those statements as compared to the ones they repeatedly make at home, you will wonder if they have a way of telling us things back home and another way of talking about the same thing outside our village.

Ay God when will they stick to the truth!

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