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Lord, are we that mediocre?

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Dear Father:
There is a common saying in our village that cuts across age, gender and status-“somebody old thing da somebody new thing.” This is a phrase that resonates across every sphere of our village.

In fact, it is something that has been ingrained in us that we are sometimes blinded to the point that standard, quality, durability and brand doesn’t matter-“we too must get something.”

When someone snatches another person’s girlfriend or boyfriend with the other showing extreme possession, the phrase comes alive here. Not only that but material things as well too. Hmmm, my son this one you get my hair standing already because I know that some kinda premise you setting here so.

Look, Father, I tire ya. You na make me weak sef. My serious thing I talking here you na bring hair standing bisnay inside.

But honestly Father, that’s just the truth. Come to think of it, it’s like we don’t have taste for standards and qualities. We must just have something because everybody having it, even if it has been rejected elsewhere.

Aha, ehn you see what I was talking you getting there small, small.
No, Father, that’s just the truth. And that beings me to the meat of the issue. You know just the other day, the Footballer had an elaborate ceremony. He was so overjoyed that you could see the tears of joy literally coming down his cheeks.

And what was he so overjoyed about?
The man was happy because some old plane the people from Charlie land had refused to allow to fly in their village was coming here not as one of those ones coming and going but as our village flagship.
Must you?

That’s the thing Father. Again, it just falls in line with what I just told you about our village anthem: “Somebody old thing, da somebody new thing.” So that is our village mentality and when our people do so they think they are “getting there” at the level of other neighboring villages. But the truth is it defines who we are.

Yes, Father, it defines us to some extent. When our people go and fix substandard roads, they expect the entire village to jubilate simply because it was not there before and just before you know it, it wares away. Common street lights that should be available to boost night time security is a big political deliverable in our village that people should dance and worship for.

So, then it begs the question as whether are as the people of this village are that mediocre. Must we just have it because we want to show that we too we get some or is out of mediocrity that we make the kind of choices we make as a village?

And Father, funny enough we are defined by the kind of choices we make in life. The kind of choices a village makes defines the kind of leadership the village has. And the kind of leadership is also define by the people who select them-which is why it is often said that a village gets the kind of leadership it deserves.

And you know, my friend always tell me not to be too excited about our village people, because their behaviors are just something else. In our village we say “he is neither hot nor cold.” You would know in which category to place them-that’s mediocrity for you.

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