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Lord, at least our ears will rest now from this 24-years noise

Dear Father:

Hmmm, at least our ears will rest now from this 24-years noise. Yes, oo, especially the way the Country Giant fini telling his friends from our neighboring village club that they must have respect for term limit-the noise fini.

But my son, you really think the Country Giant wanted this 24 years or that his people?

Father, even the old man who his nephew just kicked out of our neighboring village palace did not want that third term from his heart if you will ask me oo. But that the people surrounding him fooled him to make that decision-foolishly too armed with greed he accepted it. Now greed has imprisoned them all.

Yes, Father, now none of them are allowed to leave their village to travel to any other village. All the people roaming that Village Street in the name of celebrating will soon face reality and sooner or later they will one way or the other enter their own prisons as well.

So, you see, it is not that the Country Giant by himself will want the 24 years but the people who are enjoying the power through him, will not want him to go as well. But thank God it came from his own mouth as wise advice to his friend them.

Talky, I know the other old man from behind the Cavalla River was blue to hear that think coming from the Country Giant mouth.

But Father, that the thing you talking slowly like that so. The man was very much unease in his chair-sweat has been running down his cheek since.

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You know the thing I can’t understand about these people ehn, is like they thing only they alone know how to chop president or get the idea to do president job.

The thing that 5-years two times or like in our village 6-years-two times. Imagine now with my age, Country Giant come go stay their whole 24-years when I will get the time too to go, chop president before I talk less of our Sleepy-old man who is already in his late 70s or even my own man the Coca-Cola guy. I may get small age in my favor but for them, I doubt the Sleepy old man will still be around waiting to chop this president job.

Well, let them be there if they can’t learn from what is happening around them that their bisnay-at least my Country Giant fini telling them what to do, which means, himself will show respect for term limit here and therefore no need for worries here in our village.

You know my grandmother used to tell me that everything we see, we hear or that happened to us or someone is a lesson for you to learn from.

She used to say God is no more in the creation business. She said God fini with creation ever since, and that is why he even make people write the Bible so we can learn from the good and bad things the people before us did.

And this is the part I used to enjoy her saying: She said if you want to be a policeman, asked the old policeman who has retired, see his life where he has ended up. She said that is enough lesson for you to learn from his experience. If you want to be a nurse or teacher asked the retired ones, see how they ended up that alone is a lesson to teach you.

So, you see, the coup in our neighboring village should teach our leaders how they will end up when they overstay their time in office. And for the one them that have already played with the constitution to be their more than require-hmmm, let them think again ooo.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/lord-why-people-in-my-village-always-do-this/

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