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Lord, beware of their tricks

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Dear Father:

Hahaha, hahaha , when did this guy know that there are some people in living in certain parts of our village who are completely cut off due to the lack of roads, bridges and basic social services?

I mean, look come on mehn, When did my friend and brother actually realize that our young  offside traps were getting pregnant in their numbers?

Wait, wait, wait, let me get this straight-is it part of the rhetoric, where when people want to become chief at the Traditional Council or something else , then they come and talk as if they’ve just seen the problems?

What do you mean my son?

Oh Father, didn’t you listen to the Old Oil man, the way he spoke as if he has actually been out of touch with the present day reality in our village.

You know the man wants to be big chief na, so what you expect my son? You know all of the have to come splashing the hard truth before the people-those sweet, sweet talks.

You mind them Father but they will see. The song writer says: you can fool some people sometimes, but you can fool all the people all the time.

What do you mean?

Father don’t you know that our people have seen the light and that some of those big, big book and empty promises mean nothing again?

Tell me something my son!

But Father, you know how many people promised to build sky strippers in their mouths here for the poor when they become chief and today they are worst in terms of their  behavior compare to those they ousted from power.

But again, it is the Old Oil man own that I can’t get over. You already in the kitchen where you are advising the people on the kinds of ingredients that suppose to go in the soup and where it should go.  But because your eye is on the Traditional Council na, so you start opening your eyes to see those who have been eating dry rice all along. So you want to tell me when you were helping to direct where the ingredients in the soup should go didn’t you realized that some people had and continue to be left out of the party?

My son don’t you think this guy just want to put the smoke of his fish he has already roasted into the eyes of the villagers?

Is so true Father, because if certain segment of the village don’t have it is because you have also failed too in the process.

My son, how you talking like you vex with your man so?

Father, there is no bad blood between the man and myself. In fact, I have only seen him on picture. If you put that man right in front of me I don’t know him and therefore I have no reason to hate him. But the truth is the truth there is no difference that he will make. They are all the same six and seven. They are like a man chasing a virgin-giving her all the sweet talks to win her over and when he has accomplished his selfish desire, she becomes part of his gallery.

Having you heard how those other ones who have miserably failed the villagers, with fears that the villagers will be kicking them out are now carving retirement benefit packages. I heard some are calling for 50% of their present benefits and 25% of their present salaries.

Can you imagine Father, somebody in early thirties is now thinking about retirement benefit if they are kicked out of the Traditional Council?

But, I thought your village Oracle says 60?

Yes, Father but you know after messing up the people’s trust and going dry, starting at fresh would be hell for some of them so they want to keep it coming for life-you know what it means to get free gas coupons, scratch cards and all of that?

But you see, if you cut off the branches on the tree that helped you to go up, your coming down will be disastrous. To be continued.

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