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Lord, but wait oo ehn other people can postpone their parties

Dear Father:
But wait what all this noise people causing around here? Yor na know this country ray and everything outside down or da yor first time hearing this.

What’ going on my son, what kina noise you talking about?
Oh Father, the people say the Country Giant says we must postpone Jesus’ birthday celebration to next year and da the one they all around here causing noise.

But wait ya, da their first time hearing somebody postponing cerebration?
Father da the thing they on here oo. Some people say only Jesus supposed to postpone his own birthday celebration because it is his and not the Country Giant’s job to do so. The people say because it is only the person who is celebrating can decide if he or she wants to set the celebration or party at another day and not the invitees.

Hmmm, my son they get a point there oo-not because you don’t have money to buy gift so you must tell somebody to postpone their party.

Um, talking about money, da small ray it ray here-This other Jesus birthday no way to wait, everybody crying for money. The town looks like everything is at a standstill- I see why the Country Giant says the people should just wait to celebrate it next year.

But my son I hope that thing he talking he must na just be telling the ordinary people to postpone the celebration while he and his people boiling on the other side left and right then da one that pure hypocrisy oo.

Umm, Father da one just forget about it oo, because da na small jolly, jolly they will be on here. I heard no Heineken and small beer in town oo because they have been depleted from the shelves.

Da fire! I say the people fini emptying all the shelves. One of my friends was in my office today, he was telling me how all the liquor na wear coat suits and my man wedding is just after Jesus’ birthday so you can imagine.

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And the funny thing is I told him he should not use my money to buy liquor-I made the man to swear. The man wanted my money so obviously he has to swear that he will not use my contribution to buy liquor.

Funny enough, my says he has finished with the food aspect and is just looking for money to fill it up and buy drinks, so I told him to use my contribution to gas the car but not to buy liquor.
So my son what you want yor friend to do na?

Father the man will balance. Ehn Uncle Sam and his friends can be giving us grants with conditions, so that my owner terms and conditions I gave my man. The good thing is unlike Uncle Sam and his cousins I did not restrict my friend to a particular gas station.

So are you saying wedding contribution too da grant?
Yes oo, Father this time when people come to me for help, I can tell them what my contribution should not be used for oo. Just how Uncle Sam and his cousins seek to make special impacts, so I have chosen to make special impacts with my money too.

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