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Lord, Can This Man Be Taken Seriously?

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Dear Father,

So they say our man is jumping all over the place ehn? I heard how he has started calling the Old Lady names.

Who’s the person my son? Oh, Father, you haven’t heard about the old poor man lawyer who was among the Old Lady’s kitchen staff she sent home the other day. No, tell me something! Oh, the man was on the street the other day pouring out his frustrations saying the way the Old Lady has asked all of them to go home is not correct and that she is more than the Ray Hay man who is currently in Uncle Sam’s Cousin Village. You mean the Ray Hay man who made most of them popular in your village? Yes, Father, you know how the saying goes now, “tyrants makes fools heroes.”

The Ray Hay Man was hated and noted for his evils, so any Tom, Dick and Harry could be celebrated for standing up to him even in their folly. No wonder many of them are gapping nowadays because there is no more free money coming in for that purpose.

Anyway, what all did he say? Oh, the man said the Old Lady was an embarrassment and the way she acted if she doesn’t take care it will affect her during the next voting time. He even went on to use some big, big book, how the Old Lady is a dictator bla, bla, bla.

Are you sure, the poor man lawyer really said those things my son? Yes, Father, the man even said worse things than that. I wonder what is his problem? Father, I wish, I really knew our man problem, but I don’t know.

But what I can really say is that apparently, conman knows that he no longer enjoys the Old Lady’s confidence and that he might not likely be coming back in the kitchen to be playing with free salt and pepper and that must have prompted his frustration. Don’t you think so Father?

You might be right my son. It is possible that the man knows his fate and he wants to buy the public sympathy so that if he is not called back in the kitchen, people would think that it is because of his street campaign against the Old Lady. That’s being stupidly smart, you know.

But wait oo Father, you want to tell me in just two weeks, conman has started missing the free gas slips and scratch cards and fear that if things continue the way they are he might be gapping around here and no more noise to make about a tyrant raining terror on the people.

I heard one of my friends saying our man can’t imagine the Old Lady took the decision around the Christmas. Can you imagine the position your man had in the kitchen, all those big, big companies calling him for Christmas? My man say when conman thinks on those things it is as if he must die.

So, it is out of frustration, that he has to go on the street to make plenty noise so the Old Lady can bring him back.

Dame! What’s that my son? No, it is just getting to me that the Christmas season is just around the corner and our man has made all his calculations and suddenly, the Old Lady had shown him the door. And you know the Lebanese man them if you are not in position again, they can’t even get your time sef.

So, are you saying that no more free scratch cards and gasoline coupons will be coming as gifts again? Father, me I na say that one oo.

But Father, that one thing I don’t understand about the noise surrounding the Old Lady’s decision to send her people home from the kitchen. Is it not we the same village people who had being saying how weak she had become and that her people were stealing all our money and she sat there doing nothing? So I thought everybody suppose to be happy?

Huh, my son, if you mind the noise in the market you will not even buy your karngbe because most of the people here, they just talk because they feel like talking. You do good today people will still talk. You do bad, the more they will talk. So, the best thing to do is to just do what you think is right.

As for the poor man lawyer, I can understand his frustration. He just has to tell the people that for this Christmas no way. Because the place things stand now, no company will give him any Christmas gift. So he better revert to buying his own scratch cards and gasoline, the sooner he knows this the better. As for going back in the Old Lady’s kitchen, he needs to really pray harder. Let him go back to that woman in Congo Town maybe she will consult the Old Man for him again just as she did before his confirmation.

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