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Lord, Chiefs Are Ready For Drama Again (Pt-2)

Dear Father,

Huh, the monkey can never leave its black hand behind for true ya. It will always show no matter how hard it tries to hide it. No wonder the old people say “no matter how long a person tries to hide his true color, it will one day show up.” My son which one you na start with parable again?

Huh, Father, remember the last time what I told you about the Chiefs at the Traditional Council all those noise they were making about the newly found black gold, some of them swearing to their dead mothers or stuff in the name of the poor village people?

Yes, I remember. Do you also remember what I was telling you about the motives behind all those noise? Yes, my son. So what is the situation now?

Father, the news the town criers are carrying now is that after the long behind the scenes plenty talking the chiefs are now saying that they will forget about renegotiating all the black gold contracts and only focus on review!

Tell me something my son! If this is true, what change their minds so early? That’s a good question Father, but the guys were not really after renegotiation in the first place. You say what? Father, I am telling you the people were only after raising their sticks to push the Old Lady and the other people to do something!

My son, you say what? Da fire!  Father, all the noise those chiefs were making were just in the name of the village people but they had personal hidden agendas.

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My son, are you sure of what you are saying? Hahaha, ooh, hahaha, Father let me tell you this about our village today, these so-called politicians ride on the emotions of the villagers to achieve their selfish aims-it is like an indictee trying to ride on public sympathy or a wise man trying to win a case on public sentiment.

Those people, some of them never got their cuts and they feel that this is the time to get it. And so, they will make the loudest noise in the name of the villagers but in essence, they are actually fighting for their children, wife and numerous girlfriends.

For instance, watch all those who used to be hallucinating around here from one radio talk show to another, people whom many thought would have made the difference, are as if they don’t have mouth to talk now. And the ugly thing about it is that Father, you still have our people defending these people and to the extent possible willing to die for them.

Me, I have vowed that unless we have a new breed of politicians, I will never support any of these people, especially those who share the “Progressive” ideology. As for the progressives, I can say this for free, I don’t like them one bit!!!

Son, why do you hate these people so much, is it because of one progressive? Father, it is not because of just one of them. In fact, I have even forgotten about that fool and his wicked priestess, they are the ones going around and hating everybody associated with me but that is an example of a typical progressive anyway. They worry about you, while you are moving on with your life. Its like a sand paper they say, it will scratch you in and out but in the end you end up smooth and polish while they remain worse off.

Anyway, back to the Traditional Council. Yes, so tell me my son, do you mean that the way the Chiefs are now backing down on their earlier claims, does that mean something went under the table?

Father, that one I cannot say for sure, because I na get no red shoes to go up that Traditional Council and answer to a contempt charge. But one thing I know is that the leopard cannot change its skin color.

But before I go Father, yor please tell the Old Lady to talk to her people at that women house, her own office and the people who can count all the citizens in this village to pay our money. For us we don’t have to make noise like the chiefs because we and the chiefs do not have the same power to intimidate them before they pay us.

Every day, they are talking no allotment, no allotment that their big, big book we don’t understand. And that young man who is at the money house, Father, tell him to sit down small too and concentrate before people concentrate on him…ah.

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