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Lord, Chiefs Are Ready For Drama Again

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Dear Father,

Hahaha, ooh, hahaha!!!  What happened, share the fun my son. Father, this village is very interesting, I mean we have lot of comedians in this place and they just can’t stop making me to laugh my guts out-hahaha ooh hahaha!!!

But my son, you still haven’t share the fun. Father, is it not those chiefs at the Traditional Council, they are at it again. Tell me something! What are they up to this time? Father, you know those guys they are very good at their game all in the name of the poor village people , and you and I know that what they are actually after is to satisfy their selfish interests and greed. And come to think of it Father, there are people in this village who still take these performances for real, forgetting that it is part of their acts.

My son, you still hasn’t answered my question; you appear to be very doggy today. Sorry, Father, what was your question again? I said what are they up to again? Oh, yes, that just passed my ears. But to answer your question Father, the chiefs have come to the black gold. They say they want to look at all the papers this village signed with Uncle Sam and his Cousins plus other people regarding the black gold that we have discovered here. Really? Yes, Father.

But my son, if this is what the chiefs at the Traditional Council are calling for what is so funny about this-isn’t it their right to do so?

Father, you are very correct to say this but what makes it so interesting is going at the Traditional Council to make noise and allow every town criers in the village to carry news about the noise around to make the poor village people think that you are fighting for their right then in the cover of darkness you are having meetings and requesting something under the table-isn’t that a comedian role?

Now, to make it more interesting, you are at the same time secretly fronting for some of Uncle Sam’s Cousins. You are trying to protect their interest but making it look like you are actually protecting the interest of the poor village people-isn’t it a double standard and a betrayal of public trust?

But what these people are about any way Father. What do you mean? Father, when you live in a society where mediocrity reign supreme and above all integrity is zero, what do you expect the “big people” to do.

In the first place they will tell you “oh, don’t mind the people in this village, they will make noise for few days and after that everything is forgotten, there is absolutely no fear that their behavior could see them behind bars for live or cripple their future ambition.

These are people who just okay papers for what they will receive in return and not for the benefit, if it were not so they won’t have signed a deal with that big shipping yard and unknowingly remits US8m to it just to find out later that such was in the document that they have signed.

To tell you the truth Father, it is all about the “Dollar Bill” and self aggrandizement; it is never about the people. It is all self seeking, selfish and the desire to get what one wants by all means necessary at the expense of the poor village.    

So, what is it about this black gold that is bringing all these hullabaloo? Father the people just want to make free noise. And the thing is everybody is broke right now. The village currently has no contingency budget.  Everywhere you go there is no allotment. I even heard how the chiefs from the last session cleared their fuel and everything-thanks to the village generator that is giving them light. So this has made everybody desperate and are trying to use all means necessary to force certain few to share some of the brown envelops they are getting from somewhere that is making them not to feel the pinch of what they are going through.

And Father, come to think of it the chiefs are right too, because everybody know this village is an elephant meat. The big people continue to grow their stomach, at the expense of the poor villagers. This is democracy. That is while someone can be living in a single room, very irresponsible can win a seat to represent responsible people just on the popularity of one man.

So, this guy in one room is actually going there to hustle for the first few years. Unfortunately, despite all those handouts, some leave just to be given notice to vacate private homes for non-settlement of rent one month after they are voted out of the Traditional Council. So what can you really get from some of them?

And when you live in a society where people will talk before they ask questions, forget it you are finish.

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