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Lord, da one da fighting!

Dear Father:

Hmmm, the other day I heard that the chiefs in one of our far away neighboring villages found their seats very useful in another way. They say instead of the manufacturer’s intended usage which is sitting, it was useful in the form of missiles against each other.

Honestly, which one be my concern, even if they had slashed each other’s throats with their newly found weapons. For all you know, I careless about how they run their village over there, that is a cup of tea for them to drink, not mine.

Um, I know what you are thinking right now Father.

Are you for real right now my son?

Yes, I do. You are thinking that if I care so much less about them, then why am I mentioning it in our conversation or why am I all in their fries?

Father, believe me that is the truth, I careless about what they do in their village over there. If they like, they can eve burn the sea around them for all they care.

But it is just one thing that has me melting into their fires. That is, da their fighting had to do with not wanting any old person to rule them in their village. That is what is so bemusing to me-trust me Father.

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For a second there, their actions remind me of my own village situation. You remember the other day when the Old Lady said it’s time for the young people to take over our village? It was like the usual joke where they say the ugly animal should go and fetch water and baboon, looking at pig and telling him to bear gee.

The Old Lady said our next election will pave the way for the next generation of leaders then one party jumped up and say she is ungrateful- awl!

So, what about all the other people in our village that are running to chop our village president, why can’t they talk too only this one group of people?

The thing is Father; everybody is getting rid of the old guard system because they can be terrible and sometimes end a village up into the wrong hands.

Is that so my son?

Yes, Father, the old guys come with too many risk: frequent medical check-ups, forgetfulness, loss of strength, playing grandparent to their kitchen staffs when they should actually be disciplining them for theft of our village meager resources and worst of all, the village stand the risk of ending up in to the hands of some unprepared deputy with excess baggage.

So, yes it’s true. It’s time for the chiefs at our Traditional Council to start setting old age limit. They already have age limit for young people seeking our village power, why wouldn’t they set an age limit for the old people.

Hmmm, da one da fighting business coming inside so, because for some people I know, they think have invested all their hopes inside one Old Man who is likely to suffer from stroke if he does not find himself inside round two.

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