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Lord, da scapegoat he looking for now?

Dear Father:

Hmm, wonder shall never end ya. So you want to tell me the popular Country Giant is looking for people to blame for his failures? This big Brabie get dry face too ya.

You say whatin?

Oh Father, you haven’t heard? The man says if he failed to deliver on his promises to our village, the people should hold all the big mouth chiefs from the other side of the village. He says it will be their fault. Can you imagine? Like seriously?

Bor da na small thing oo.

I tell you oo Father. The village people should blame the people from the other side of the river for him building houses with our money, acquiring wealth all over the place with some of his Kitchen Cabinet members, and sending their tiny, tiny girlfriends them to go work in places they know nothing about.Bor he say we moh blame the lousy people from the other side.

Hmm. dis yor man really get dry face ehn?

Yesoo, Father, me I will na jerk on that one sef. The village people will blame the people from the other side of the river and those noisy Chiefs at the Traditional Council who continue to remind him of the bad ways he leading our village for his failures. Oh yes, we will blame them for all his failures, lies and deceptions.

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So that the people from the other side of the village tell him to build big, big mansions around the village and bring all his friends to steal right and give Ogayor village position.

No, leave him Father. Ehn the Big Brabie says, the village people should hold them because they are to be blamed for his failures-even when he refused to do his coronavirus test, da the people from the other side stopped him-nonsense!

How bor the 25 million and 16 billion all the money that went into the breeze? And not to forget the monthly shipping fees collection that travel in brown envelops at night or the too much begging that is running investors from our village, we should blame the people too right?Loka his face there.

You know, it reminds me of some people in Uncle Sam’s village-when they are caught as drug addicts, they blame their parents’ divorce. When they go on shooting rampage and kill other people, they blame it on childhood abuse. I mean nothing they do is their own fault, somebody’s action down the line put them up to it.

But again that is exactly what happens when you give boys men job to do-they will always find excuses why they failed. “I can’t do this because the people will talk. We can’t share the food because the money we had the chiefs told me to bribe them with it etc.” See your life!

Bor wait oo, he forced to talk?

Father, the Footballer wants to be heard. The man wants people to know da he trying his best to steal from us and blame the people from the other side of doing the stealing.

Da the other leader I know who thinks the village is the inheritance of he and his followers so they can do whatever they please and go free-lie, lie. They will pay.
So why he can’t blame the people who can be advising him na-I mean the people who can be telling him not to mind the village people that they will just talk and get tire. Those are the people to blame, because they are the architects of your failure chief, not the ones from the other side of the river.

In fact, the men and women from the other side of the river want you to succeed more than those you get closest to you. So please next time look around your area when you are looking for people to blame for your failure and your inability to lead our village.

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