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Lord, da small breaking heart?

Dear Father:

Hmm, you know the other day I was listening to our Papay praying and saying how he will leave his own with God if he doesn’t carry the thing. He said because all the people have told him that him they want-and he believe them too ooh.

What do you expect him to think my son?

Father when I listened to the Oldman only one thing came to mind-LOSER. Because it is only losers who wine about their best and how everybody says they are behind them.
And Father never count on anyone who tells you I will do my best. I often tell people don’t promise me you will try, tell me I will do it. The thing is it is more self-assuring if you say, I will do it than to say I will try.

So to hear the man who has doubled the fleet of cars in his convoy talking about leaving his own with God if he doesn’t carry the thing, then it leaves me wondering about his self confidence level. Then it simply means he doesn’t believe in himself. Trust me Father; nobody wants to be led by somebody who is willing to try, no not this time.

But my son, are you listening to yourself, didn’t you just say the man na increase the fleet of cars in his convoy? Doesn’t that send a message that he is beginning to think that his dream of becoming your village next king is coming to fruition?

Father, I beg you ya, what the Rooster man didn’t do here in 2005? And if I may ask where did he end up, was it not in the human garage taking drips?

My fear is that this man is too old and I don’t want him getting breaking heart after the news of the first round starts to flow in. And the way I see it, it appears like plenty of his country man them will get breaking heart too oo, because the way they are so sure that their Papay will carry this thing. Ah, let them take time ay, life too short for sorrow oo.

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The old people say, we must always learn from the past because it has some lesson to teach us. Let them go and ask the Green dude who went as far as sewing his inauguration suit because of one lying prophet who had told him to do likewise.

They should ask the man, he didn’t recover from that false prophecy for the last voting time, and thank God some strange people have added new energy on to him.

But the truth is for somebody who claims the whole village has said he is the one they want to be king to be speaking like a loser; it sends a totally different message of a man who lacks self-confidence.

And before I go Father, I don’t know when the people in this whole handshake club will ever learn. Haven’t they heard that town trap is not for rat alone, even the chicken them and all can fall inside.

What kind of parable is that again?

Oh but Father haven’t you heard about the mass resignation that is taking place in this village? They say many of the Old Lady’s kitchen staffs are resigning like rain dropping.

But why do they have to wait all this while?
Father the people thought their own law they pass was only for their opponents, not knowing when you na get plenty children you can’t join witch craft.

Na their own trap is catching them left, right center and even at the time they have refused to resign, everybody now knows that they are just a bunch of law breakers. They are the Animal Farm’s type of characters we read about in that Uncle Sam’s cousin’s book. Day na break on them with all their zippers opened and their trousers and skirts hanging that the time they say they want to resign? Da so, so shame killing them na.

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