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Lord, da so, so big they can do in this town here oo

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Dear Father:

I say, yor wait oo. So all the big mouth these people can be making in this Monrovia here you want to tell me foko, they na get in their villages? Da who them there again my son?

Father, da na our big mouth people from the hamlets we get around here-everyday they are making big mouth talking about how they are concern about their village and their people. Not knowing they are just using the people to get power at our Traditional Council.
You don’t mean it my son!

Oh, Father, da the truth I talking here so o. Just these few days you know I have been traveling through our village with the Footballer to go and see for myself. And the things I saw sef, make me to loose respect for some of our so-called big people in our village.

In fact, Father, if you were to ask me ehn, I will tell you the thing we gat here na country. Yes, that one big hell of a village we living in here and making all this big mouth in this Monrovia town.

Father the thing is so shameful. And you wonder what our old people them ben doing with the money they have been collecting.

No Father, its too sad. And yet the so-called big people from those hamlets live in Monrovia town like kings and queens.

I wonder how do they feel when they go to other neighboring villages and see how their fiefdoms and hamlets look as compare to the ones they get back home and called cities.

My son is it true that some of the big people from some of the villages failed to show up when the Footballer and his delegation went to their hamlets?

But that the one you talking slow so Father? I say out of shame they could not even show face. In fact what do they have there to show for themselves in the first place before I say as a village?

The thing is too shameful mehn. Yet if you listen to them talking you think they love their people-not knowing its all BS.

Father, we are really joking in this highly forested village oo. We are completely backward and very primitive. And the one that can get to me is that we can want to compare ourselves to other people-our neighbors who are doing far better than us.

Imagine, you have to drive hours in thick forests on muddy roads if you don’t have a good car just leave your own with the Oldman up there because you will be let by the way side. But let assume you manage to go through the cost of repairing that car is almost the same as buying a new one.
Hmmm, the think you talking my whole heart spoiled.

Yes, oh Father, that serious thing I talking here so oo. We don’t have a country oo. What we have here is a big village-and very backward too. Nobody must fool you to say that country here.

Sometimes, I wonder if our forefathers were just comfortable sitting in Monrovia town and forgetting every other place around them. Even the Monrovia town sef is turning to a big slum every day.
Ehn they say your coming be making farms?

I beg you ya Father. No farming thing will succeed in this village if the people don’t have roads. In the first place how they will get it to the market?
We are serious jokers in this our village and I feel sorry for our children and our children’s children.

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