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Lord, da the only family da know book in this village?

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Dear Father:

I know some people will say I am small in my thinking and there is no law in our oracle that says that the Old Lady or any other person seated in our village Castle can’t give job to an entire family or take 6 people from one small village or three brothers to serve in the kitchen staff at the very senior levels too during the same period.

But for a village like ours, where the people are crying to fix their palaver to put behind them the 14-years of killings and spillage, it is only fair to say that giving job to one particular group of people or family is just the same as depriving others and allowing one group of people to continue to enjoy our meager national cake.

First, it was the appointment of six senior kitchen staffs at the very top of key strategic areas, the place where the people can preach law for the government; our business area; the area where the mining and land business are; our traditional business and you go on naming it.

All these people though not at the helm of these respective areas now, but at the time all came from one small village near the sea in the western part of our village as if no other person in the entire village were qualified, except the people from that area.

Then it did not stay much longer when three brothers appeared on the scene, one to talk for the village, another one seated right in the Old Lady’s office and another to run our oil business. Today, that one from the oil place is no more because the whole oil business na, da something else. The shorter one is somewhere representing our village, while the other one still hangs on to the end.

Now as if that was not enough, we are hearing again that another family of four are about to complete their numbers. The one at the telephone place who sits there as if she doesn’t know that the services the people here are getting are bad; then there is one at our water place, the smaller brother; another was given the opportunity to come help with our bad roads but fails miserably without even putting one soil in a pot hole. But never mind, she still gat to eat somewhere. So they are sending her to our neighboring body to represent us there.

Now, the other brother is coming to take over from where the most generous politician of our time has just left-the place responsible to print our money in the village and keep track of money business here. So what the point my son?

Father, are they telling us that only few families are actually qualify to stir the affairs of our village, while the rest linger around with their qualifications? Are they the only family da know book in this village or it’s an agenda for us to just keep filling their pockets with our village money?

You know, there is absolutely no difference between one group of people benefiting from our village natural resource as was done in the past and the appointment of a set of family to public positions with huge salaries and benefits too. No wonder they are able to charter flights to take their sake out of this village, while the poor people sit and watch their love ones die prematurely .

And talking about the generous politician from the Big Money House, have you heard how they say his Pekin, who was his handbag dubbed him, my son? Father, I think both of them dubbed our village and the blue uniform people and the people from that watchdog house should start asking some questions right now as to how this pekin got rich overnight and how this man too got money this fast.

Like I said last week Father, it’s time for operation bring back our wealth and we don’t want no old wine in any new bottles. We should change them all from top to bottom.  

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