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Letter To God: Lord, De man in his pay for play mode

Dear Father,

The man mon talk again? The people think we joking here ehn. Your na see any thin yet. The Old Sojar Man turned Paramount Chief say sanction, or no sanction bisnay mon continue. After all, he say the Footballer promised to give him people job and he mon honor it-promise be promise.

The Paramount Chief say, him name spoiled already so the Footballer should comply or face the wrath of him pepo come 2023.

So, he say if the Footballer na give him people job, he will na support him again period. Already, he say him name na spoil and him na care.

Bor my son, I thought the man say he na in pay for paly bisnay?

Oh, Father, bor what you expect the man to say too na? The man say, him na doing pay for play bisnay, he only fronting for him people.

We need to call Uncle Sam to come and explain this one oo. The man say, he want the Footballer to give him people job, and da one, da na pay for play, becos da na money bisnay here.

Puaah, so if that na pay for play then da what na?

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Father, who say the man get time, all him know he just doing bisnay with the Footballer that’s all.

Hmm, and don’t mind da thing him doing oo. The man get him eye on orther pepo too oo-I mean the higher bidder. Huh, it good to come from vote rich village too oo.

My son, you will blame the Paramount Chief? Ehn da him pepo him getting rich on their name so let dem sit there and leh him keep getting rich in their name.

Um, da wa oo. Da politics for you-the pepo can say da Cocoa season, time to make money.

Any way my son, I have not seen the Footballer of late in your village-it has been so long.

Hmm, Father de man say he na take vacation for long so this one he mon take all at once. The Country Giant been out our village for nearly one-month na and him say him na coming back till around Christmas.

You say whatin?

Oh, Father, that na say it oo, da the man himself. He put it in black and white and nothin anybody can do about.

You mean with all the problem in your village?

Father, the man say for bad dream bisnay he will na miss him good sleep oo, after all him mon enjoy him life. The man say nobody can say or do phewn!

You joking me my son. I mean what kinna president would leave him village for whole two months to stay in him friend them village at ease, while him village is on Fire?

Father, the only person who can do that is our own Country Giant. The man gat to flex na, after all, he mon boil too na. He na coming to behave like one old man jus becos him chopped president for one highly forested village. The man will boil!

Father, the good thin I like about him, as soon as he come back to the village and the pepo say no rice, no gas and no this or that, he will say da lie. And when they bring the census bisnay he will say the thin is on track period.

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