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Lord, De Old Lady Says Da her Area oo

Dear Father,

This Old Lady seems to be very fussy ehn. When you think she suppose to wait in the background and let people throw talks at her before talking, she is rather the one going on the offensive. And can you imagine Father that the Voting House just declared campaign open?

What the Iron lady na do again my son? Oh, Father, you never heard her the other day when her party had a small get together to prepare for this voting thing? No, my son. What, Father, then you really missed it big time oo, because you could see the Old Lady behaving like one 22-year-old young woman, even though she was dressed in African suit, but it was just like she was wearing jeans trouser and t-shirt  singing this new song the people get in town: How do they called it sef? Aah, they called it “Da my area.”

I say, my mouth was full watching her on the TV singing that song. Father, I understand it was a remix, of the original lyrics. Because I was told she added some things to the original lyrics. I heard words like roads construction, da my area, electricity, da my area, increase in civil servants salaries, da my area and all that, but in actual fact for one second there, I thought I was looking at one lay girl singing the song. And Father, at one point in time the crowd was now responding by singing the chorus of the song. 

I say, this Old Lady get dry face ya, so you want to tell me she really sang that song, ehn my son? Father, I ever lie to you before on simple thing like that. I say, I saw the Old Lady gbeh gbeh (with my own eyes).

And you know the interesting thing about it? No, my son. The people say in politics, when you develope a propaganda slogan or song, it must be very simple that even the little children can sing that on the streets. And when that is achieved, it means you have made a very significant impact. And trust me Father, this song, da my area has become so popular these few days that I am not the least surprise that the Old Lady has just released a remix version that is going to go all the way during the entire campaign.

Dat means, the Old Lady is ready for battle and it is not like in 2005 where she was the only person receiving all the lashes from all the men. Father, it was so sorrowful back then, everybody hauling at her. You could even see during the run-off how all of them went to the footballer’s camp.

But I think one thing she is sure of now is to have the Rooster-man by her side along with others who did not even want to lay eye on her. That’s politics my son, it makes strange birds feathers.  

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Ok, my song, so what is happening in the other people camps, I mean the footballer, I know he sold it to Government Bone, and the man with the Ugly Mustache as well as the Bassa Governor.

Huh, Father, Government Bone came from somewhere the other day with a little morale, it was na easy, maybe they are devising a strategy to see what they can come up with, because the way the Old lady na release a new version of Da my area, if any of them were thinking  of  using that song, I think they will just have to look for different one now oo because duplication is not allowed and it would mean lack of creativity.

Oh, just before I forget, do you know that the man with the Ugly Mustache has been butted out by the people whose shoulder he was riding on? The man everyday he’s passing around town here telling people how he gets this, and he gets that, and you know that was one of the main reasons why the people gave their thing to him, just to find out that his hands get glue just like one Old lady I know.

So, the way the people na take the thing from him now I don’t know what he will do. You see, all the people who want to be president in this village, most of them get for nothing big mouth. Father, can you imagine most of them don’t even have party to contest on and they are just going around hijacking people party?

You remember da other Reverend who came from Uncle Sam’s village with that morale, when he noticed that the people were going to chase him out very easily, he went and clinch to another party.

Ehn, people say that his own party, well, good for him, my son.

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