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Letter To God: Lord, de papay say he na ready for ancestor call yet

Dear Father:

Hmm, de other day our village pepo were on their knees. Dey say dey were praying for de Old Man- de big man from de Umbrella camp.

Mm, dey say whatin happened to him?

Father, dey thought de Old Man was receiving an ancestor’s call. Dey say de Papay woke up on Sunday morning and said he was going to take a stroll to one big human being garage. He spent whole four days there, so everybody was worried.

Bor you say Papay again den da one along na call for worry?

Eehn Father, da de thing sef get everybody afraid becus on Christmas Day one of our big man after sending us Christmas Message, a surprise ancestor call came for him. So, everybody was thinking da de Angels were asking for de Papay.

Bor, at least thank God de man home mehn. Dis voting time da coming we na want anybody to leave us again, becus when everybody around it will na be easy.

My son, all da one you talking right na da yor own. So, where de papay right na?

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Um, dey say he na go home. De man say he na answering no ancestor call right na. He still get him jule he gat to take care of and by fire by force he mon chop president job.

Bor papa God sef know how de Papay pepo dem gave him hard time dis few days for him to na allow da telephone to ring.

Somebody say da Daniel was calling him becus, dey say all de thing Daniel wor doing around here before going to his ancestors was to make sure de Papay chop president, so he wanted to pass some messages over to him.

Bor de angel said he could not allow de call to take place becus it will mean de Old Man will have to join him there.

Hmm. So how he coming on na?

Um, me I na know yet oo becus I na visit him house yet. Bor I scare for de Old Man.

What making you scare?

Father, you remember way, way back dey say de Old Man fall down in him village during campaign time and dey say he wor na strong to be president?

 Aha, so dey mon na come make de Old Man run around here for nothing just to convince de pepo da him okay oo. Dey mon allow de Old Man to rest him body small before making him to do hard exercise oo.

Me. da my own I talking so oo. De Old Man na get nothin to prove to anybody oo. If yor rush him to start taking plenty exercise and him angel geh vex, de ancestors will call him to explain oo.

And yor pepo already know de Old Man say he na ready to answer to ancestor’s call. And yor already know de man da big traditional man he will na want to disrespect him ancestor dem. So, yor please don’t push him to do so.

De man say he na ready to answer ancestor’s call-period!

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