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Lord, Dey Say Everyday for Rogue, One Day For Master

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Dear Father,

They say everyday for rogue and one day for master for true ya. I see why the new Bassa king singer can say “when you bypass your respect, you can bother with your disgrace.”

Why all these parables for again my son?

Oh Father, you na hear what happened here the other day. I say it was so funny. Ehn you know that jato from the footballer’s camp?
You mean da big mouth guy who can be passing all around here melting like butter on rice? Yes, Father. 

So what happened? Uh, they say conman went to one other scary dude from the Old Lady’s kitchen to pull a quick 4-1-9 on him, but it looks like things backfired and alarm blew.

How my son? 

They say conman went to this scary dude and told him how he was going to put some town criers together and there denounce his master, the footballer.

But he did? Ay, wait now Father. They say conman put all the town criers together and spoke all his big, big book as usual and how the footballer is this and that and said no way he can follow such a man. Tell me something my son!

Father, you na see anything yet. When people broke and hungry they can even denounce their fathers.

Go on my son, so what happened next?

Mm, they say after saying all those plenty bad, bad things about the footballer, conman turned to the town criers and told them not to mention anything about what he had said at their meeting.
They say after saying that, he went to this scary dude, who always look like he is coming to put something down- you know when those small soldiers used to say papy you come here and how people used to be shaking, that is how the scary dude appears.

Okay, so, this conman went to him and said I fini telling the town criers that I na behind the footballer again so come give me the lay thing we spoke about.

The scary dude too, not too sure of what has happened started jugging from one town crier house to another trying to find out whether conman actually spoke to them and also whether they had air the thing.

Father, they say to the dude’s greatest surprise, nothing of such had happened. So the dude too double cross conman and went to one other town crier to put the thing on air and thereafter decided to avoid conman.

But little did he know that big mess he na put himself in and that he was coming to meet up with his own disgrace.

Father, they say why the dude was sitting in his little tight corner with one old time joule, conman just came from the blind side and jerk your man talking machine.

They say the dude wanted to put up some resistance but when he looked at the joule and the joule returned the look, he was so embarrassed he just sat down there like one premature baby, or say one muumuu.

So, is this how this jato has been surviving my son? But Father, you don’t know this village ehn. This is a place where even the psyca on the street sef can become hero over night. You saw how the Ray Hay man promoted most of the people here. Today, you don’t even know whether some of them exist.

This conman made everybody to believe that he was something not knowing the man da pure 4-1-9. And his 4-1-9 speed actually catches a lot of people. And let add this Father because most of our people who want to be big people in our village lack noise making ability, any Tom, Dick and Harry who can make the most noise is consider a big fish to them and so they will do everything to make sure that person is in their camp.

So, you mean because this jato can talk plenty and make noise so they saw him as a big fish, yes Father, that is why they were actually willing to give conman some kind of lay thing. You know the season is coming now, so everybody on the hustle.

But I think the hustle fail oo. Yes, oo, my son, the only thing he got in return was a disgrace and the revelation of his true character. And the way the town criers in the village went after him sef. But Father, the town criers them too, are fed up with conman. They used to believe him first, but now it looks like it is going to be hard.

But Father why wouldn’t they continue, ehn the town criers feel that the only way to sell their messages is for somebody to say bad things about somebody. So even if they get conman like this who just want notice to carry on his 4-1-9 why would they want to stop believing him?

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