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Lord, did the Footballer leave some of his followers hanging?

Dear Father:
You know, the other day I received a message from my old man from Charlie land, a day after the Footballer addressed our village. My old man said “I think the guy (referring to the Footballer) is smart politically. He’s flattened his critics including you and his own men. My country needs solutions not the blame games and the what went wrong.”

For a second there Father, I was stupefied. Yes, “his own men” I could understand but why was my old man including me in this whole blame game thing as if I have any fish to fry in the Footballer’s oil and even let assume I did, what weight would it have carried. But again like my Oldma will say, those who sit and do nothing are as guilty as those who carry on the wicked act as well.

So, was I guilty by silence or was I encouraging people to shift blame? Well, whatsoever reason my Oldman had for including me in the blame game fries is left with him but this I know for sure especially in our village it is very safe to criticize others and blame other people for your woes-it’s called not being able to take responsibility for your actions or inactions.

But what I have come to notice in all of this is that in our village people try to always find means to escape their responsibility. They feel very comfortable if someone else is to be blamed for their failures. By that they think public opinion will sway their way and they would escape assuming full responsibility.

Now, when it comes to the Footballer’s men, what they were doing indirectly was telling the Footballer don’t worry we are in control of the public sentiment because we will insist that this thing is not your doing. It is the doing of that wicked Old lady. She plundered the village economy and left us in this mess. Now, that alone would have clouded the Footballer’s thinking and weakened his ability to think of a drastic measure because that weigh that should have driven him to find an immediate solution to the problems would have been reduced by the shifting of blames.

You see Father, whenever we begin to give excuses or shift blames about something and hold other people accountable for our shortcomings, we are simply trying to justify failure. So what the Footballers’ followers were indirectly doing which apparently they may not have noticed in a way because of their politically clouded minds was that they had already begun giving justifications for the Footballer’s failure to address our village situation. They wanted him to feel comfortable for his actions and inaction as our village leader.

They were in a way preparing the minds of our villagers to some extend telling them that don’t blame the Footballer for the situation we find ourselves in, it’s the Old lady who put us there. We were already heading there before he came. Now, whether you like it or not this is sycophancy to the highest degree.

But did he actually flattened his critics like my Old man said? Well Father, again, I cannot say from where my Old man speaks but if I were to consider the conversations within the taxi cabs and buses around town, I think he was rightly tortured critically for keeping silence while the village matter went down low.

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Instead of allowing sycophants to pollute his mind and make him think that he is blameless would have been a political suicide-period! And whether the message address the current issues or not, one think I took from there was that this is why we came- to solve the problems because we knew they were there already and for that he left them hanging in their blame game.

But has the problem been solve? Father absolutely not. Now, we have a half solve problem. The major cause of our village problem which is the exchange rate between our village money and Uncle Sam’s money by proclamation is being set at a fix rate but has not been translated into our purchasing power.
However, Father, whatever the situation is right now, one thing I have come to agree with my Old man on is that he did not allowed himself to be weakened by those who think the only way to escape a problem is by continually blaming other people for your failure-that is not leadership, that is how cowards lead.

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