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Lord, did they know that they ate “Cafu”?

Dear Father:

Hmmm, the pastor them in our village will make plenty money again. Right now, nobody blaming or talking about evil spirit or witch craft oo. In fact, everybody is laughing at the left side of their mouths how they have chopped some poor politicians them money and are feeling good.

And they think it’s just okay, but for how long? Few months from now that small deliverance they will be conducted around here?

Um, ay my son what do you mean by that?

Father, don’t they know it’s a curse to walk in deceit? They were very much sure that they were not going to vote for some of these poor people, yet they took their money and pretended that they were with them.

That poor person took all their savings just to make sure that they were empowered to run their campaign and what did they do-they deceived them and not only did they deceived them but they mocked at them in their little corners. What a terrible thing to do?

Now, not many of them know that what they have eaten is a “cafu” (an oath). When these cafu get ready to haunt them, they will start blaming their grandmothers and old parents in some village who knew nothing about their deceitful attitudes as witches and wizards.

But for all you know, they would have soon forgotten that they deceived someone who they crooked by pretending to be supporting them and taking their gifts.

Father, they should go and asked those young women who are jumping from one Pentecostal Church to another praying for husbands.

In their early twenties, they taught they were stars taking gifts from every Tom, Dick and Harry, pretending to be in love when all they were interested in were the gifts those men were bringing. Some have grown in their thirties and approaching their early forties but finding it difficult to settle.

But they have long forgotten though, how they deceived men that were madly in love with them and showering them with gifts. Now those cafu they ate from men who genuinely love them have caught up with them, they are the frequent visitors at the doorsteps of every prayer mother or deliverance minister.

Some of them have even passed their flower ages and in their minds’ eye they think they are still beautiful as they were, but the cafu has caught up with them.

Today, people are in their homes laughing at poor politicians who money they have eaten and not voted for them. These people are painfully counting their loss and they are laughing at them-not knowing they are heaping more curses on they and their children’s head.

Deceit has a terrible consequence and many people tend to down play it. Clear and simple, if you know that you will not support a person be honest and don’t pretend to be, just to chop his or her money.

Father, I know some people are saying when they bring the money we will eat it, but that money was for a purpose and if you did not accept the conditions, you should have just as well refuse the gift. But you accepted the gift and deceived the person- woe onto you and your generations. And the pastors will not help you; they will only chop your money free.

Just ask the single ladies who have made prayer bands their offices around our village today. They will tell you their stories how men used to worship them. But what did they do?

For those poor politicians, they will go thru the pains for the kind of money they have spent on people, but they will get over it with time. But you, since you refused to have told them the truth that you were not prepared to cast your vote for them, yet you collected their t-shirts and money, you are carrying a generational curse-only God can save you. Beware.

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