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Lord, Did This Pastor Really Hear From You?

Dear Father:

You know, these days it is very difficult to distinguish between the guts feelings of a “Man of God” and a prophetic message from the Most High. It has become very common among these “Men of God” nowadays to make pronouncements as messages from the Most High from their exalted alters without fear that they are lying on the Holy Spirit in the name of prophetic declarations.

Father, before I go any further, let me say here that I believe in prophetic declarations but not when a person pretends to be quoting the Most High-saying the Lord says, when in fact, he is only using his or her guts feelings to impress an impoverished congregation or an instant miracle seeking congregation.

So what is the issue my son?

You know, Father, few days ago there was this “Man of God” who declared during a certain family prayer service for the Ray Hay Man, who has been detained for so many years in one of Uncle Sam’s cousins village that the Ray Hay Man would have walked out of that place a free man.

I don’t know whether this “Man of God” was quoting the Most High when he told the expecting family and friends of the Ray Hay Man that he was going to be a free man. Unfortunately, from what happens yesterday, it appears that the Most High did not speak to him at all and that he was only using his own guts feelings to impress an expecting family and friends.

Are you saying that the “Man of God” did not hear from the Most High but had told the people as one of the “Prophets” of your village that the Ray Hay Man was going to walk out the place a free man?

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Yes, oo, Father, no wonder the elders at the place said the time given the Ray Hay Man to stay for Guard-Room is too small for the plenty bad, bad things he did.

Can you imagine that?

Yes, Father, how can you declare a thing in the name of the Most High when he has not even told you so.

Is it that the Spirit of the Most High has departed from the “Man of God”?

Father, this one I am not in the position to judge the man, but the point is it is becoming too common in our village today among our “Men of God” to declare thus sayeth the Most High, when in fact the Most High had not even come in contact with them for the last 8 years all because the Spirit of the Most High has departed from them because of their iniquities.

Father, I am not saying they had never experienced the presence of the Most High upon their lives before, but it is because of their doings that the Spirit of the Most High has departed from them and to keep a fragmented miracle seeking signs and wonders congregation together they stand on those alters and make false prophecies.

How can you say the Most High says the Ray Hay Man will be set free when in fact the charges he has been facing have been frown upon by the Most High himself.

How could a “Man of God” put his reputation on the line like that?

Father, this is a question, I am yet to find answers to. Whether he did it to comfort the bereaved families or not I don’t know, but one thing I know is that the Holy Book says, when the Most High sayeth a thing, he backs it with actions.

And come to think of it Father, I see a very thin line between some of these “Men of God” and politicians in our village nowadays.

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