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Lord, didn’t they know before joining?

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Dear Father:

Have you heard the news? They say it na easy in the Footballer’s camp. They say Corruption King Kong and the other people from the Ray Hay Papay camp are crying like wolves. They say since they came to the camp to beg for annexation, the people can’t even look at them sef. They say they all help to kill the elephant in the town but they are still eating dry rice.
Oh yes oo. They say not one pound of flesh had been given to them. For Corruption King Kong own, he most just leave his own with the Old Man upstairs.

And Father, they say the worst part is that the Footballer hardly regard them as anything. The say when that time for voting, the Footballer can only send people from his main camp and not one person from the annexed camp can even put foot before I say they will try to say they want to put a man forward.

They say is like they are just existing by name and not by function. One of my friends told me “frustration galore” has entered the camp and they are now all around talking in their throats like frogs.
Hmmm, my son where you coming from with this one again?
Oh, Father, da true oo. You haven’t heard Corruption King Kong and the Ray Hay man people passing around here and talking in their throats like frogs?

But wait oo my son, who forcing them to stay there?
Father, da the same thing I was telling my friend oo.

But wait small oo my son, did they think that the Footballer was really going to open up to them with his whole heart?
You mind them Father, all the Footballer did was finding a means to an end. Wait oo, they thought they were entering the camp to have access to milk and honey? They will balance. Let them be there from the time the voting house announced the result, our man was finished with them.
Hmm, they too ya, they want to tell me they never had eyes to see?

Father, the people were just greedy to get into power so they did not take time to use their heads. There is a common saying that “if the market will boil, you will tell from the early rising sun”.There is absolutely no way that the Footballer would have given these people any credence. They should have observed that from the beginning, but hey, they were blind by greed and hatred.
Why do you say so my son?

Father, it is simple, the Footballer was hungry, and so werehis people. The man would have been mad to take the food from his hungry children and give it to strangers who had just come knocking at the gate.
You na hear what Jesus said “It na good to take the children’s bread and give it to dogs”. This is why I said they will balance let them be there.

But Father do you know that right now the camp itself is shaking?
Tell me something?

Oh, before everybody used to be happy for the Footballer to hold their hands and lift it up in the village doing voting time but it looks like this time around some people will be going on their own. Am told that some of the people are even scare right now to be identified with the camp when it comes to voting.

Hmmm, I say everything get time for true ya, you mean in this village now the people moral na go down like that?
But Father da fire coming from my mouth or da popcorn popping?They will all be just fine Father. Ehn the voting house say they should go back in that Fiefdom to do voting there again, Ayaka. We moving-democracy is at work.

The only thing I can say is that the Footballer is not the man in Jesus’ parable who rewarded all the laborers equally and not based on time. For the Footballer, you have to have been there over those 12 years not after you enjoy, enjoy and you come and jump ship the next day to continue your enjoyment. Like we can say in our church-“It is well.”

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