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Lord, Do These Chiefs Really Care For This Village?

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Dear Father,

You know, from our discussion last week, I have come to wonder whether those chiefs at the Traditional Council really get this village at heart or they just think they are there to enrich themselves, as the rest of the village struggle to make ends meet.

What do you mean my son?

Father, the guys claim they are representing the people of this village but everything they do is aimed at satisfying their personal greed. Can you imagine, like we discussed last week, the people have agreed to give their mother social clubs without any philosophy our village money, at the time we are already struggling to maintain their lavish lifestyles.

Already, each of them at the upper end of the Traditional Council is making Uncle Sam’s money 15,000, while those at the lower end earn Uncle Sam’s money 12,000.

These amounts are in addition to the village component of their pay and other benefits including scratch cards to call their girl friends, entertainment, gas slip and all kinds of things. And oh not forgetting Uncle Sam’s money 500 DSA for going to work 8 times a month. In addition to freedom to bring things into the country without paying 5 cent

Is that so my son?

Yes, Father. And as if that was not enough, they now want us to not only pay their mother social clubs but to allow these clubs to bring things to the country free too. You can imagine the level of abuse and corruption-because every container coming at the big shipping yard now will either be for some kind of social club.

The thing is Father, since they are also allow to do business with the money they will be receiving and with the corrupt nature of the village, even the Lebanese’s merchant container will now be for a political social club and would go duty free. And if the man suppose to pay Uncle Sam money 10,000 or so all he has to do is give one of those hungry chairmen of the said social club Uncle Sam money 3000.

Tell me something my son!

Da fire! Ay, my name oo Father! Let the busybody them put me down! Already they say some of the village big people can tell their friends: saying, ” send that container in my name”-that means the amount you suppose to pay to the village just give me half of it. This is broad day theft and wickedness to the highest degree! This one pass corruption.

Wait Father, before your pressure goes up like the Old Soja man who was off and on during the voting time. Some of them, I heard have abused the duty free privilege to the extent that thousands of dollars that suppose to be paid in the village coffers end up in their pockets. So just imagine their social clubs

But Father, what do these people care anyway, after all they only come to make business not to help ship the destiny of our village. Any time you heard noise over something no matter how long it takes, that thing will go through. All that noise you can hear just sum up to one thing, “da whatin inside there for us?”

Hmm, my son it hard to talk ya.

Truly Father, this is hard to talk, no wonder everybody in our village these days want to be politician-Science students oo, Business students oo, teachers oo, everybody want to be politician to live at the expense of the village. It looks like becoming a chief or a politician in our village these days have become the best pay-off social welfare, because everything comes free.

They should go and asked their man on the airport highway there, who has now started  selling retail medicine, just two years after he was kicked out of the Traditional Council..

But one day the God of this village will visit them and they will see and know that the the old man has heard the cries of the villagers. Shame on them all!!

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