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Lord, Ebola really naked us oo (Pt-2)

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Dear Father:

You know,  since the Ebola outbreak in our village there are a few key phrases that have become very familiar if not overly used.  The book people would say broken down health system, public distrust of government, lack of infrastructure and corruption.  For the last grammar-corruption, is not new in our village and it is in fact an identification mark that distinguished us from the others.

Yes, Father, it distinguishes us from the others. The wild forest embracing our village capitol and the lack of road networks and  development into the various fiefdoms of our village are classic examples of how this ugly menace called corruption has  affected our mere existence as part of the human race-despite our God given natural resources that could transform  this village into an economic powerhouse, an envy of the sub-region.

So, it is nothing new that at this time of this big sickness, we the people of this village are still hearing about its presence. In fact, this should be of no surprise to many. Corruption can’t just disappear because of Ebola. Greed and selfish desires know no sorrows or have no pity. In fact, in these times of crisis is when they do great exploits-pointing to the number of graves as commodity  traded for their massive wealth-money for suits to have been worn by a health worker diverted, while the health worker died trying to save life. This is while the grave would serve as the evidence for the commodity traded for wealth.

Moreover, Father, what Ebola has done is just to bring it into more public disrepute. And if some of the people who have been converting our village meager resources into private use have any conscience, they would now begin to realize that for every US1.00 they diverted from our hospital and health workers’ money or money to train more health workers also contributed to their lack of preparedness for Ebola, which is while we have lost many of them.

So, Father, how can we have the basic infrastructures in place and for this letter health infrastructures, when for every project there are cuts. Take for an example Father, if a contractor is given a US 1m contract to let say to construct a 50 bedroom, modern hospital, by the time the money reaches the contract or it might be 500,000. This is so because the number of commissions paid by the contractor are too many. As a result, even if completed, that is when it is not abandoned, the structure does not have the quality.

And therefore, we are left with a broken down health system. Health facilities would be poorly equipped because and thanks to the lack of road networks in our village, somebody would lie through their teeth saying, for an example money meant to equip these facilities go into private accounts, while fake reports are published.

How do you know this one my son?

Trust my Father, I know, this was done with one bid Prince money that was meant to buy equipment for many of our county hospitals in our village. And I went around to verify whether indeed the money was used as the person who was in front of it said he had used it.

Now, with all of these Father, why there can’t be public distrust? No, let’s face it Father, for almost 200 years  with the massive resource we have and our forest and minerals, nearly depleted what do we have to show-a society with massive illiteracy rate, poor infrastructures, etc.

Therefore, when big sickness like Ebola comes around, it spiraled through our village like a wild fire. And all we do is to play the blame game. People who are not in front of the chopping make the loudest noise and when given the opportunity they  prove to be more corrupt than those they criticized.

Is that so my son?

Oh, Father, is very common in our village. Those who make the loudest noise in our village as advocates, only do so to be heard and rewarded with jobs. And when they ascend to those positions their fruits speak volumes. Many of such characters are currently in our village leadership. You mainly find them at the Traditional Council and the Old Lady Kitchen as her kitchen staff. And Father sometimes, I just think people in our village must just forget about going to heaven. We should just surrender to the Old Man because of the Church to the ghettos everything is safe. And the Good Old Book says we must deny self.

So why wouldn’t they make noise over Ebola money? To be  continued.

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