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Lord, Ebola really naked us oo

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Dear Father:

You know, before this Ebola sickness could come to our village, people have always said how illiterate, arrogant and  foolishly stubborn  we were as a people but I didn’t believe it. In some instances, I will get angry and even don’t want to see the ground that person who described my village people in such a manner walk on, but Ebola has proven them right and put me in the wrong rather. Bluntly put, illiteracy, arrogance and upright foolish stubbornness have contributed to the rise in Ebola death in our village.

Whether you like it or not, is it the simple truth that we must accept. We in this village are our own enemies. You can blame our leaders all you want, but bulk of the problem is us as villagers.

My son, why do you say so?

Father, look around us today, everything we have been told not to do is what we are doing to spread the sickness. Every guidelines, we have been given to help save our own lives, we have defied them through our arrogances, foolish stubbornness and worse of all illiteracy.

And the worse group of people to control are those who think they know, but in actual fact they know nothing.  Their refusal to pay attention, follow simple instructions and lack of willingness to be led has help in the spread of this deadly sickness in our village today. Now from the lowest we are the highest, thanks to up right stupidity and the blame game.

Yes, I know some people will want to blame our village leaders. It is true that our village leaders should take some of the blame but bulk of the problem related to the spread of this sickness is us, the village people.

I know the health facility problems are there. The distrust in our leaders are nothing to write home about, but what can we do for ourselves first in the absence of all these? Should we sit and continue to rain insult at an Old Lady who few years from now her regime will be history to keep on destroying ourselves or take up the challenge with each one help one.

Father, we know for a fact that our health facilities speak volumes and we will continue to discuss that till Jesus Christ comes, but do we just sit down and spread the disease to prove that our leaders wrong?

What in the old man’s name somebody will go and put sick people in commercial car? Does it make sense? Is it not upright stupidity?

My son, you are fuming too much, come down before you suffer from heart attack.

Yes, Father take a look around us today. The only thing we know to do best is to criticize and beg but nothing we are able to do for ourselves. From the family up bringing to public life somebody is always responsible for our failures and plagues. We live in a village where individual initiatives are lacking in the midst of a beggar mentality.

There is no community initiative. What do I do before help comes, that spirit is not there.

They say when somebody is sick call the people from the house that can take care of sick people. We say no. We will put them in taxi. And with no good protection, they pick that person up put him or her in a taxi to a treatment center. When the taxi driver is coming back, without sanitizing his car, he picks up other passengers. The passengers then go home to families and friends and spread the sickness there too. Is that not foolish-stubbornness on the part of the drivers in the name of making quick money to put people at risk?

But my son what the people must do if our village leaders refuse to go for their sick love ones and relatives?  To be continued.

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