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Lord, empty talk won’t help them! (Pt-1)

Dear Father:
Hahaha, ooh, hahaha! Lol. Father trust me empty talk won’t help them. They say people from the handshake camp have been jumping from one town crier station to another trying to make themselves feel so good and make your humble servant look so terrible.

Can you imagine this Father, even little known messengers from our village town criers and all are trying to discredit some of us and as it may try to canvas for prolong services indirectly, that is should the handshake be even lucky to go for second round. The truth of the matter is this papa is too old and weak period!

So to say that this man slipped and felt is it a crime? And you know something Father; their argument is so baseless as their defense. The question that these impressionists give whenever they have an opportunity on any of our village town criers is why only these people saw it and reported it and not all the other ten people that were there?

The simple truth is those remaining ten are not as sophisticated as we are in a way-they are the stenographers who wait for the main event on stage when in fact the actual event had already occurred at the man’s resident stopping place before he could even leave for the public glare. So, how will they know? Da news oo!

You know, in this our town crier field the only way people can trust you with the most sensitive information is when you are not susceptible to bribery-using every privilege information for monetary gain. You moh say, ask me, I will explain.

This is why certain sensitive information is not available to all. This is also why many of the town criers like the ones surrogates of the handshake continue to refer to on these airwaves were never privilege to such. Their main concern, like some of their masters was to make the Papa look good by all means necessary even if there are shortcomings, ignore them period!

Those sorts of attitudes make you a compromising town crier and take away the essence of the town crier job-hmmm. Yes, people always want to know the unusual because those are the things the people don’t want the public to know, and anyone who reveals that is always consider as an enemy of progress depending on their definition of enemy of progress though.

So why you think they are so irate about the news, it’s because this is something they really don’t want out there so the best way to deal with it is to discredit the messenger and call him names. Say it repeatedly that everyone who hears it consider him a monster liar.

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You know, Father it is very interesting to note that in our village it is quick and easy to lynch the messenger while ignoring the message. And like I said they have this old way of trying to fight off the truth-discredit the messenger. Make it very difficult for people to believe him.

The people say the Papay fall, everybody jumped up da na true! They paid that man to say da thing there. Some even went to the Chinese tea centers to quote figures (10, 000) Uncle Sam’s money. Can you imagine that Father?

But give them a simple test-ask them to watch the old man for 30 minutes if he doesn’t doss off to sleep then he is as fit as a racing horse.Some even went further to link some prominent individuals of our village to the crime of bribery, saying that they are behind all this-Nonsense!

Father, I figured these people have ran out of messages because to take two weeks to say something is not true and force the poor old man to run just to prove that he is as strong as a racing car is even more demeaning than to say he falls, because anybody can slip and fall.-To be continued.

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