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Lord, empty talk won’t help them! (Pt-2)

Dear Father:
Hmmm, so this thing here da na secret again oo-everybody in our village have heard and it is so shameful to say the least.
What’s that my son?

Oh Father, you haven’t heard, they say hot tears came running down the cheeks of the Papay the other day when the Old Lady said they could not accept some plenty money brought in my some strangers to help with the Handshake’s campaign. Da geese oo!

They say the people came just two days after the disgruntle Roosterman told some of our village town criers that the Papay did not need the Old Lady’s help to win our village election.

They say the Papay feet were very heavy to leave the Old Lady’s office that day. They say had it not been for the help of one of the Old Lady’s kitchen staff who was available that day to hold his hand and take him to the lift then da na small wahaha was going to be in our village.

Ehn you already know how some of his zealots can think ehn. They would have said the Old Lady poisoned him, not knowing da the money he saw that they mean him with had given him 4G stroke.-my name ooh.

But the Papay sef ya, you say you na want to be bother with somebody, but that their money you want? He more than the young girl them who na want the man but wants his money.

If you don’t want somebody, why receive their gifts? If you don’t want the man don’t take his money-period!
It is one of our highlife singers, who says if you like monkey you must like his tail, but you can’t want somebody money and at the same time don’t want to associate with them-pure hypocrisy.

My son, you na start again?
Father, da one da public news.

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You know, the married people get something they call bedroom politics; somebody want something but he can’t get it till he does what she has demanded. Look at you there, you think I am going any farther with that, shame on you- da my mouth you want hear the details from about bed room politics, you better go and ask the married people.
Anyway, similarly, in our political setting we get something called internal bickering or in fighting. You and I can’t agree on something, but you want me to give you my money. Isn’t it the same politicians who say put your money to where your mouth is?

Oh, you na want my mouth inside but you want my money. How can I give you my money? Don’t it defy your own saying-put your money to where your mouth is?
I heard the some people declaring on one of these town criers the other day that they have drawn a red line for me. I hope you just don’t cross your own red line to come to mine side of the line you have drawn.

The truth is this village is for all of us, and we will not be afraid to tell you in the eye about your evil deeds in the dark. If you don’t like what we write, just don’t buy our paper-at least that will help you, because what you don’t hear or know, doesn’t affect you in anyway.

You know, you already get plenty skeleton in the closet then you want to come and threaten somebody. But you just wait; I am waiting for the appropriate time when I open my mouth in this village all the hidden secrets will come outside. Ehn your desperate for president job in this village, your just keep pushing me to the wall. When I can’t move any longer, I will fight back and you all know absolutely nothing is going to stop me except your kill me like I know many wish I was dead by now.

nd don’t get me wrong, I am not going to write anything I don’t have hard facts and recording for. So, go ahead, draw the red line. Tell your people not to do business with me for all you care. But remember just this one thing, this is the village I was born in regardless and like you, I have rights just make sure your rights don’t violate mine right as mine won’t violate yours- nonsense!

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