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Lord, every seed yield fruits after its kind

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Dear Father;

Hmm, hayaka, so why are these people disturbing our village time like this? Oh, have they forgotten so soon that every seed has a fruit in it after its own kind?

I mean, who have ever seen a mangrove seed sown come up to bear orange or grape fruits? Nowhere. Absolutely, nowhere in the villages of this planet it has happened. Just as there is a fruit in every seed, so it grows and become that very fruit of the seed you have sown.

Hmm, what a sound word of wisdom my son.

Oh yes Father, it is. No one can sow a bad fruit (words) and expect to reap a good fruit (peace and prosperity) in the end. You must reap what you sow that is the law of the earth. Our people say the same rope that can hang monkey can also hank baboon. Hmm, this one requires some explanation now oh my son.

Yes Father, I know it does. So let me put it in the context of our village. Today, in our village the people who are now masquerading as our leaders were once on the other side of the river. Pulling every strings that could trigger trouble for this highly forested village of ours.

They vowed to give a certain old lady headache-using all manner of threats that forced our neighbors and other villages afar to tag our village as “fragile”- a nomenclature that in itself has kept sound and serious investors away from our village up to this day. Any thought of doing business here in our village is seen as very risky for the fact that we are “fragile”- meaning we are ever ready to venture in to our most recent ugly past with no apology to the people from the other villages who spent their tax payers money and the lives of their soldiers to help us get this far.

Today, I hear say they are complaining because one little unknown man made popular due to their own ineptitudesis now showing up as the seed they once sowed against a certain old lady-what a paradox?

Can you imagine this Father, a farmer rejecting the fruit of the seed he has sown? Didn’t they prepare themselves for such a bumper harvest? I mean rather than crying here and there just accept it as the fruit of the seed you have sown-period.

I heard one of them describing this little figure’s statement as “reckless.” Can you also imagine this Father? The man who now describes this little figure’s statement as “reckless” made more “reckless” statement (if I were to borrow his own grammar) that could have plunged our village back into where we came from some 17 years ago-oh yes.

Come to think of it, even the brother who no manages the Footballer’s camp rained more insults at a certain old lady at the time more than this Footballer has received. Imagine you insulting you for 12 years and somebody just did it to you for little over two years and you are crying already.

One of the greatest Jamaican singers-Peter Tosh says “if you live in a glass house don’t throw stone and if you can’t take blow, don’t throw blow.” Simply-do onto others as you may want them to do to you.

To now hear that they are the ones calling in a certain group of church people is just ludicrous. And for these certain group of church people who could not rebuke them at the time to gown themselves and appear at the Traditional Council the other day under the guise of seeking clarity suggests to me that they, members of that certain group don’t even understand the scriptures that they preach every Sunday. May I refer them to the book of Genesis when God spoke of things into being after their kinds or better still the law of sowing time and harvest time.

Now, they have begun plowing the ground sowing another seed that will likely yield ugly fruits that will spew into their faces. Their supporters are now saying which members of our village is allow in certain part of our village and they sit in bemusement.

But the good old Book says do onto others as you may want them to do to you. The time is coming that the very measures they are now using against others will play out right back to them. I hope their partisan preachers are watching and listening.

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