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Lord, forgive them, for the know not what they are saying

Dear Father:
You know, I often sit and wonder whether the people we put in power are our problems or we are their problems or both.
What do you mean my son?

Father, can you imagine how people go at great length to ignore all forms of reasoning in the name of trying to defend a politician when the person is indefensible.
They would rain insults at you and say things that you wonder if they really have some home training, yet the one they claim to be defending is no saint.

Tell me about it my son
Yes Father, just the other day our chiefs at the Traditional Council were called to look at a piece of paper for our village. They were to on that paper agreed with our village leader, the Country Giant or Bad Road Medicine about this whole stay home bisnay.

Our Chiefs went there and said since they were already on their vacation before the Bad Road Medicine called them back they have to pay them for sitting before they sign the paper.
And indeed, they all got not less than 6500 American people money even though some got more. Among the chiefs, was one new chief, who has continued to parade himself as the light at the Upper End of the Traditional Council.

This chief has bragged over and over that he is clean and whom take any money that he has not justly earned and that is good. He has carried some level of soundness at the Traditional Council. But this time around he let his guard down and was among the first group of people to line up to take the money.They all collected based on their level some took 6500, and the big shots took home 10000. Can you imagine this?

Now, while these chiefs are busy dividing our village meager money saying it is their sitting fees or whatever operation fees, our poor health workers continue to cry for hazard pay, and protective gear-to this they pay no attention. Yet their praise singers are jumping all over the place defending them-saying they have done nothing wrong in the emergency situation.
So, when this mouthy chief took to the town criers to brag, how he collected his share of the money and said it was not a pay to sign the piece of paper but for operation, it raised concerns.

But instead of his people looking at the fact that this man is letting down his guard small, small, they turn to social media to rain insults at the messenger.
My son oo, but ehn da these same people say the Country Giant children don’t know how to argue they can only insult?

Da it there oo Father, they are no different. They have this other man with all his integrity questions hanging over him sitting down in Uncle Sam’s village and saying nonsense. I just looked at him and laughed.

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But you know, it is only in villages like ours that clowns can become hero over night with followers. That is why it is very important not to keep your people hungry and destitute, because they will find a leader in any clown or crook-so for that I do understand.
And the fact that they would go on insulting because the character of their saints have been questioned speaks volume.

In all these things Father, we come to understand that these people don’t know what they are doing. Our village is in trouble with hustlers wanting to be president and some blind loyalists doing the following-our village is really in serious trouble. We inside!

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