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Lord, Government job sweet ooh

Dear Father: 

I say government job sweet ooh! I see while since some papy them graduated from our Hill of Learning, the only job they have known throughout their lives is government job. No wonder, when they are sacked from government jobs they look so poor like they have never handle one brown cent before.

Some can even look like they are already loosing it-all because the free money and lavish lifestyles they live at the expense of poor village tax payers have all seized to come in handy.

From the Traditional Council to the Castle and the kitchen cabinet, everybody gat some kinda enjoyment they see inside government job-especially when you are working in a highly forested village like ours where robbing the poor for personal aggrandizement is the order of the day.

You tax, the one-two, one-two businesses so high that they cannot even afford to pay their loans, let alone their staffs and other over head cost. And who bears the trouble the poor people for the few government big shots.

And you know Father, this is the only village where one person can be given 81,000 of Uncle Sam’s money just to entertain himself, besides huge budgets for his catering services and other things that will just make him or her sleep and do nothing, while another takes home US64,000 for entertainment. But they are suppose to be servants of the village now, instead they are lords. Next time we will vote to change their nomenclatures. Instead of Traditional Council, we will say House of Lords-na God go punish them all!

My son, you sound so angry.

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Yes, I am Father. Here it is very easy to make money. Just fight and get government job, and it shall be well with you and your concubines.

For true, my son?

Yes, Father. For example once you are a big man in our village doing a government job, you can choose to charge the village any amount to pay you rental fees for staying in your own house. The village buys you scratch cards to call your girl friends, give you money for entertainment etc.

Even if  the village people are finding it difficult to eat, or even send their children to school, to hell with them. You must get you regular scratch card, 40, 000 of Uncle Sam’s money to just repair your car, about 117,000 plus just in case you want to do anything-that is if you are the Paramount Chief at the Traditional Council.

If you are just a chief, it’s okay too, because you have free money to play with too. And don’t be a staff in the Old Lady’s kitchen, you will have thousands of Uncle Sam’s money made available at your disposal to undertake your own special project.

After all, what do you care, you have  tax payers to foot your bills. You can choose how many times you want to go to work just as some financial people in one of the village offices can behave. If you call them they are either in Uncle Sam’s village, his cousins’ or just one of our neighbors around here, particularly Charlie Land.

But you see Father, their judgment day is coming, and from what I can see, many of them will live to regret it especially those who just came from one rooms straight and think that they are going to remain there at the Traditional Council forever. They must be grateful for now, because 2017 is their judgment day.

Okay my son, you talking too much, what am I hearing about sending people who brought war in your village to court?

Oh, Father, that one, da na new story oh. It is just that it has started gaining momentum. Uncle Sam is ready, all those who participated, whether you give money oo, or you were directly involve or you all will go! It’s time that people pay Father. Shakespeare says the evil that men do lives  after them….and I think the time has come that they pay!

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