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Lord, greed has imprisoned us all

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Dear Father:
You know, there is a saying that if you have a problem and you refuse to acknowledge that you have a problem then you are the problem.

Hmm, where are you going with this again my son?
Father, it is so disheartening that as people of this village we have continued to ignore the problems facing our village. In fact, like one of my former lecturer from our village Hill of Learning would say, we are in denial. I mean, we deny the very problems that have brought us all here in the first place.

Father, the things that have kept us way behind our neighbors are still haunting us and not that we don’t know, we know them but it is out of selfishness and greed that we ignore them. Yet we would open our wide mouths and point figures at the people before us.
What are you saying?

Father, look at our village today and tell me if this is where we supposed to be. But we are where we are because of the stupid decisions we make out of our own selfish desires.
We vote for leaders we know have no ability to lead us or even understand what it takes to be a leader. But we vote them because of our own personal benefits. “If I can’t get it, none of them will get it. We will all spoil it and fix it later.”

Yes, this is a common saying of everyone in our village. Once that crab attitude sets in, we don’t care about the consequences-it is either I or no one else in my circles will get it. And for that entire period we all become prisoners of individuals’ greed.

Yes, and this old Soja man, who is a chief at the Upper end of the Traditional Council can relate. The man is a king maker in his village-once you give him small thing, whatever he says his people follow him like the sheep to the slaughter house. What a shame?
You know, this often remind me of the story of this Pekin Man village. According to the story, the people in that village decided that they would all keep their gold one place. And so they dug a hole and put all their gold in the pit.

But for fear that one of them could easily come behind the others and steal away the village wealth, they decided to put a little dragon to the hole as a guard. They fed the dragon till it grew so big and cover the entire hole that they could no longer have access to their own wealth. The moral of this short story is that greed will imprison us all.

Father, when you come to think of our village today, you would know that greed has imprisoned us all. The quality of leadership we have today in our village is as a result of the selfishness of few individuals.

And today, they include those few individuals who felt that if they could not get elected no one from their school of thought or who have been in the past struggles with them should get it.

We witnessed that in 2005, 2011 and 2017. Yet we sit in little corners and wine but forgetting to know that it is our selfish desires and greed that have delivered onto us the kind of poor leadership quality in our village today.
Greed, has imprisoned us all!

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