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Lord, greed will imprison us all

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Dear Father:

You know, there is this Chinese proverb that I always like to use-the reason for that is its moral lesson.

The proverb is in the form of a short story told of a people from a particular Chinese village who because of distrust among themselves took their treasures and hide it in a pit, with a small dragon placed at the entrance of the pit as the guard.

They fed the dragon till it grew very big and became a monster that they became afraid of, thereby denying them access to the very treasure they all have been fighting over.

My son where are you going again with this other story especially at this time?

Father, you know, this story about the Chinese people and their treasure is now unfolding right before our very eyes in our village.

Today, there are too many personal interests at play in this highly forested village of ours. People are greedy to the extent that there is a growing distrust among our “so called political elites”.  And because of their greed and desires to get political powers, they are all over the place trying to find a buffoon-like the Chinese people in this story, a dragon that they all can rally behind ignoring every evidence of  clear and present danger.

But what do they care anyway, once their personal interests are protected-meaning there is some level of surety that they can get the kind of positions they think is their birth rights-like one old teacher who thinks he alone should continue to be finance minister in this place, it’s an investment waiting for a pay-off to the detriment of over 4 million others and the village as a whole.

What I also find interesting is our brothers and sisters from our village, many of whom are residing in Uncle Sam’s and his cousins villages. Frustrated over their inability to get a decent and well sustaining job due to their  little or no education and credit cards problems,  they would also jump on the same van wagon as many have done in this current  village council to exploit the situation.

They have no moral standing. Faced with mounting bills and credit cards challenges, they figured out that the best way to relocate home is to come riding on a regime that can offer them that opportunity to solve their credit problems. Not to contribute but to like I said solve their credit problems and pay for some overdue mortgages.

Father it is so interesting that sometimes when one take a cursory of the diaspora advocates, you would realized that if not almost 75% of those who thinks they have all the solutions to our village problems are those who are really struggling to get settle down in Uncle Sam’s and his Cousin’s village with all their problems.

So why would stealing of our village money not be the aims of these hustlers, many of whom are now tired of cleaning white-asses and emerged here as consultants with fat salaries.

My son, you getting too hash ooh.

Father, the truth about these people should be told. I know no matter what some of us say people will still not listen but posterity will judge us all.

You know, to see the danger ahead and ignore it just for one’s personal aggrandizement just exposes how selfish and greedy you are.

The ones who are well settled think of how to help move our village forward regardless of who is in power. They always think of ways to contribute without first thinking what to get in return.

Father, I listened to people in our village talk nonsense on a daily basis in the name of our village but the truth of the matter is they are seeking personal relevance, and  we have a bunch of them in our village Traditional Council and the old Lady’s kitchen cabinet today-dozens are still emerging though.

So, you remember what I told you about the Chinese proverb. The moral to this story is that greed will imprison us all.

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