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Lord, has this lady lost her mind?

Dear Father:
I say what happen to this other woman? Since she came back from sick bush she just talking all kina thing around here, I hope she na losing it small, small oo.
Hmm my son, me, myself my mouth full.

I tell you oo, because since she came back she has just opened her mouth wide and saying all kina thing. Maybe that the thing the people from the sick bush told her to do when she come back.
You mean to make her feel that she is well ehn?

But Father, what I moh say na. The woman has been lying down one place for whole one year doing nothing and all that one was making her sick more. So it looks like the sick bush people told her when she come, she should be jumping all over the place like one “cutlehay” chicken (Chicken with head cut off) opening her mouth wide like.

Then she will really stay long inside
Ay Father, da the one you talking slow like that so. Let her just be there jumping here and there saying things her mouth na supposed to say, how long for them to clip her wings.

But the one she talked sef about the Country Giant running for third term, I think she overdosed her medicine that day, because da one sound like somebody who brain na twist or high on something-my name oo.
Um, my son be careful ay, the woman da whole chief at the Traditional Council oo and na small chief there too oo!

But ehn da what the people can say, if you cook yourself in tomato cup, they will dish you out with broomsticks. Da what she wanted so the people will dish her out with broomsticks.
Instead of her coming back to go to the Old man house to tell him thank you and be testifying how the Old man na give her second chance she want to announce herself by cooking herself in tomato cup.

Don’t mind her
Ehn da it there. Da why I say maybe da the take home medicine the people from the sick bush gave her na enter her brain so. She moh na think on how see will manage to stay at that Traditional Council.
Father da these kina people can turn people into dictators just for their own benefits. The man will then become slave to them because they will keep putting all kina things in his head like the stupid ones she is saying.
Da why me, I just cut it short to say da the medication they gave her using her so and may she not continue to overdose.

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