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Lord, Have Criminals Invaded The Football Camp?

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Dear Father,

Have you noticed what has been happening of late at the Footballer’s camp? Have you noticed the kind of camp members that are now gathering on a day to day basis since that unfortunate incident between our Blue Uniform brothers and some football fans?

No, my son, I have not been observing lots of things these days, not since the Football fans and the Blue Uniform guys had that stand-off. These days, I tried as much as possible not to listen to noise because I am thinking reconciliation.

But Father, with all due respect there is a need for you to pay some small attention to our village because the news coming from the Football camp are disturbing. Do you know that some criminals want to take advantage of the Footballer’s demands to cause trouble in our village?

What are you talking about my son? I am saying that some criminals are taking advantage of the Footballer’s demand to cause trouble. Now, the other day one of our town criers who has been posted at the Football camp was there when the criminals were planning how to destabilize our village.

Tell me something, my son. Yes, oo, Father, I say our town crier saw one of the guys teaching them how to make petro-bombs and how they will positioned themselves around our village center to shut the place down.

You don’t mean it! Oh, Father, that the truth I am telling you so oo. Remember the people had already planned how they were going to cause trouble in our village and make this place like a war zone again, ay, that what the people planning.

But my son what kind of trouble your village in so? Ay Father that it there oo.  No, wait small, these things you are saying are the football coaches aware of it?

Father, the people are not speaking with one voice so I can say because today somebody say this one, the next day another person come up and say that so it is very confusing.

But I know not all of them will be in favor of such a thing. And I want to believe that there are some criminal minded people who have infiltrated the football camp and want to use the people issue to cause problem for everybody. It is like giving a dog a bad name just to hank it.

So what are their big people saying about this petro-bomb thing, what they will say Father, if you go to the camp you see all kinds of small, small, group of people discussing different, different thing and most of them are just to make trouble unknown to some of their big people.

The people say they must take the village castle by all cause no matter what. But wait oo, this president thing here that birth right? Father, I wish I knew the answer but it is difficult to say.

You see, the whole thing is that people like to put their eggs in one basket, and forget to make backup plans.

My son let me asked you this question again ya, you want to tell me when they were getting in this race little did they consider that the opposite for win is lose? Well, maybe they juju man told them that there was no way that they were going to lose, just like the pastors told our man in 2005 to go and sew his inauguration gown and the gown ended up becoming a floor rag in the house.

Okay, this whole voting business over now, we fini making all the noise the people na forget about some of us oo. Some of the people sef owing poor people like us plenty money to get that one now will be wahala oo. Well, the poor people who made all the noise what have they gotten before you, just wait they will soon reach you.

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