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Lord, have they not seen the signs yet?

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Dear Father:

Hahaha, oooh, hahaha! So what the Rooster and the Handshakes up to now? Haven’t they seen the signs in the backyard of the Oldman they have anointed to captain them? Haven’t they seen how he has recorded two prominent disasters? So, this story my step dad used to tell me is true?

Which story again my son? You have come back with your proverbs and stories again in this New Year too? Father, my step dad used to say the monkey that is destined to die can never hear the whistle sound- not even when all his playmates are running away- all he thinks is that they are increasing their games by jumping faster farther.

You see, the Rooster and the big Handshakes are behaving just like the monkey in my step dad’s story. The writings are all on the wall that this Oldman is a hard to sell commodity that needs pre-sale auction before the real sale date, yet they are believing in a failed dream. It is never there.

What do you mean when you say failed dream? Father, the factors that made the Rooster and Handshakes are no-longer there. In fact, the daily exodus from their camp shows that they are actually no longer at ease. And in order to come together and find the arrow of God they think the people in the village owe them some favors.

You know, they should sit there. Instead of them going to the ant to learn from it, they are sitting their being wise in their own eyes. But let them wait, how far is the day of decision? What does this have to do with the ant?

You see Father, the ant having no leader does not wait for famine or in other words, for the rainy season to come. It gathers its food during the summer, while others are still flirting around enjoying the summer. And when the rainy season comes it has enough.

The Rooster and the Handshakes know very well that it is totally out of favor with the people in this village. Which mean there is no way that on its own, it can retain the symbol of power in our village.

Twice, it has been proven that its days of dominance are diminishing very fast. The merciless whipping it got with scattered feathers and bruised palms from the backyard of the Oldman is enough sign to prove that they are doomed!

But wait now, if the man who they have chosen is refused in his own home village, then in which village are they going to welcome him? Are you saying the Oldman has become a homeless man? No, Father, all I am saying here is that the man’s stronghold suppose to be his home town but right in his own home town, if the people there can reject him, where you think they will accept him?

And remembered when I said the writings are on the wall. Instead of them to start mobilizing now they will wait until there is no way out. By that time we will only listen to them to laugh after. And trust me Father, I will definitely laugh with all my 32 teeth showing.

But you know these people are wise in their own eyes. Just how they overlooked the two disasters even after being warned and they failed to correct it, they are heading for the thrashing one. Wait that pregnancy, it can come in front, it can’t go behind.


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