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Lord, have they pulse the container search?

Dear Father:
Hmmm, the way I see things going it looks like this container full of money story is dying small, small oo. Since the big man from our village money house spoke, followed by the Iron Old Lady and the man from the big bank things appear to have died down.-even the chiefs from the Traditional Council who have been accused of sending the man to go and print more paper have all kept their silence.

Um, my son, da kukujumuku, you na inside you na know.
Father they must really put their houses in order oo. They should not think the people of this village will sit down and let things go just like that and I don’t’ think the Footballer or the Country Giant as his people called him should sit and spoiled his name on this one.

But my son, don’t you think the people are awaiting your Country Giant to return, I mean the Footballer?
Father, what the absence of the Footballer or Country Giant from our village has to do with the finding of our container full of money? We need the people to be telling us every day how far they have gone.

Look as we speak, only that old big man from the bank na come to confuse us in this village with his plenty book.
What did he tell you people?

Oh, Father, you na hear, anyway the man was speaking Congo “corlor”. He come talk about as far to his knowledge-you think that your knowledge we will depend on here we want see paper. Then he na stop there, he says all he knows the money not lost and that our people are not checking the right places.
What does he means when he says the right places?

Father, the man means like his bank account, the bank account of some past and current officials who one way or the other are connected to our village money business and the chiefs from our Traditional Council including the old ones.

So, what are the security people who are asking these people for the container saying so far?
Father, everybody na turn to bobo these few days oo. Nobody wants to talk again since the big man from our money house told his friends to shut up and stop talking things they don’t know.

Ehn da the thing he said gave the Old Lady some macho in her voice to call on my friend to apologize.
Hmm, I know the place dabo sitting right now, she ready to fight. I don’t know what kina Old Lady can’t draw back from fighting. And she knows how to choose her fight too oo. Has she come back to the village?
Yes, Father, they say the Old Lady came and went straight to her farm, trying to eat more country rice to get strength and prepared to fight back tooth and nails.

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How come because I heard people saying that she ran to her farm like a little rat.
Who tell you that one Father! You haven’t seen anything yet! The Old Lady like to fight like some of those small children who can take their revenge when their friends have forgotten about their last fight.
Somebody told me the Old Lady is waiting for the Country Giant to come back to the village. She says she was na in the village that is why people were saying all kinds of things but she here na.

Is that why everything has died down quietly?
Father, nothing has died down ooh, everybody waiting for the Country Giant to come. Me. Myself I can’t wait for him to come. I want to tell him-look, Mr. Country Giant you already said you wanted to put some money in our village economy so just divide the thing among the 16 tribes 1 billion each.

My son, you serious ehn, is it because you come from two tribes na so you want to eat, so and eat so.But Father, da me tell the other people for their parents to marry from the same tribe, you na know this intermarriage too get its own benefits and these are some of the benefits, like receiving from the two tribes.

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