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Lord, he who runs away, lives to fight another day

Dear Father:
I know what they are all thinking right now. They think I am a scare coward-right? They think I just get big mouth. Trust me, I know. That paper is leaving from one room to another right now. Everybody is laughing thru their teeth right now as they flip the pages. I can see their thirty-twos from afar.

Ok, I took back my words so what? What is the big deal? What big about that ehn? Does that change the actual fact that they were not bribed? Absolutely not! Don’t think like them Father-I mean not that mediocre.
Just watch me; every commander has a battle plan. They say he that runs away, lives to fight another day. And surely, I am not that stupid to engage in a battle with my opponent when I have little or no ammunition. For this battle, they were welled armed. My boys allowed breaches in the camp and the casualty would have been devastating have I gone into battle. Don’t give me that funny look. It’s the truth.

But you see, now that, that particular battle is over, a new frontline is opening and let see who gets on their knees begging this time around. Me, I have not stolen anybody degree. I bear my full name with my right diplomas and degrees. I don’t have to impersonate –taking on my in-law’s name and his degree-using someone’s tragedy for my fortune- the true story coming up soon, that one that season two.

My son, who are you running away from to live and fight another day? Father, the real story will come, da one that na gossip. If you know you are a chief and the name you are bearing is that of your late brother in-law and his degree then you should get ready because this one that season finale.

If you like go to the moon, and back, it’s a banner for season two. Like I said I don’t have to wait for my brother in-law to die in a tragic motor accident for me to go and take his degree and changed his name to my name. You are a rogue chief and you want to act like you get integrity. So just be there, your day of shame is coming.

I mean how could you show such disrespect for the dead? Are you that dull, you couldn’t fight for your own paper? Come on now, you plagiarized degree too? And you are not shame to be calling yourself Dr. “BC” around here?

The other day I heard the Paramount Chief from the Traditional Council crying aloud saying the Old lady has given money to some of his people to remove him-shameless. You who going around dividing money amount your people to protect you- that diversionary tactics you want to use. Even the ordinary people in our village know that your days at the Traditional Council but for how long? One thing I know about the chiefs at that Traditional Council is that they are like some of the women, money finish love finish.

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