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Lord, here I come

Dear Father:
Okay, I am back having been away for sometimes trying to lobby for my owner appointment. I have tried but the Footballer says no way yet. He says there are plenty noise in the camp so I should lay low yet. When he comes back, then he will slip my owner name to me under the table so I can be doing small thing quietly-no noise.

What does he mean by saying you must lay low yet and what are the noises you are talking about?
Huh, Father, your own, you let noise. People secret they come tell you here now; you want me to talk about the people palaver. If they hear this you think I will still get my lay thing my man promised me?

But who told you they will read this thing sef. The people fighting for their job business, you think they get time to be reading our private conversation.

Okay oo, but Father right na da na small noise in the camp oo. The people from the Ray Hay man’s camp are crying for job. The other man who they put rogue, rogue behind the other time, we haven’t heard any name from his camp yet. So as we speak, it’s like the Footballer has put on his master dribbling boot and the way he is dribbling of late, hmmm.

Tell me something my son!
Father, da na small fire over there oo. Don’t see the top of the grass looking green then you think everything is rosy oo.
In the first place, the Footballer has put in place one criteria you must not be more than 50, because he doesn’t want anybody to come and call him small brother. So all the people on his list now are just 50 and below. There have been some rare cases though. But for that one you must have demonstrated some longtime commitment to him first, then the camp. But if you came just yesterday and you want to get job, you better think again if you are not below 50.

The Footballer says no free ride oo-and da the one bringing the frustration in the camp. So most of the people right now are crying in the corner oo, they scare to scream before people hear it and ask them what happen.

Okay, so they say the Old Lady left the coffers very empty ehn?
Father da lie oo. Let them go ask the big people at the village saving who were giving themselves 300,000 Uncle Sam’s money as car loan. They sat there and besides awarding themselves those loans they gave themselves some fat bonuses.

The Old Lady said she left over 150 million of Uncle Sam’s money, so they should produce that money.
This is where we now want to see the Footballer’s first punch against corruption. I mean how can few people just sit down somewhere and give themselves loan from our village money, while the entire village is crying no money.

But the Old Lady na put their butt outside so we waiting for the Footballer to flex his muscle and bring those perpetrators to book.

I mean how can they sit there and take a loan of 300,000 each person when our village is broke and they need to pay us our money so we can pay our staff. Or they think only they alone know how to conjugate the verb- we eat, we eat and eat.

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