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Lord, Hmmm, bad blood at Traditional Council?

Dear Father:

Hmmm, it appears like there is a growing bad blood at the Traditional Council these days oo. And the trend it is taking, if care is not taken for the first time, the bally-goat sweat will drop oo.

What is going on there my son?

Father, they say, the small, small whispers within the corridors of the Upper and the Lower  parts of the Traditional Council is getting louder by the day.  They say the chiefs from the Lower end of the Traditional Council went and put some sand in the gari of the chiefs from the Upper end.

They say, the chiefs from the Upper end had reached a deal to climax the Old Lady’s son reign at the helm of the Black Gold Corporation with the signing of some papers, but the Chiefs from the Lower end refused to agree with their friends. They say despite pressure from some strong friendly neighbors for the Chiefs from the Lower end to do so, went on deaf ears.

Father, I even heard that this whole thing almost snowball into a secret coup to remove the current Paramount Chief at the Lower end of the Traditional Council.

Is it that serious my son?

Father, you think that joke, I joking here. The one they on there now that just public face oo, but there is a deep centered bad blood between those chiefs at that place.

Tell me something my son!

Father, the thing is some of the chiefs at the Upper end of the Traditional Council; at least 15 of them are to face the villagers’ judgments later this year. And to appear, many of them need to buy public opinion among the villagers and that require some money. So, lobbying like that of the Black Gold among others could put some lay things in their pockets to enable them buy some public opinions in their favors.  But with the sand being wasted in their gari by their colleagues from the Lower end speaks volumes.

What do you mean my son?

Oh, Father, you don’t know that some of the Chiefs from the Lower end of the Traditional Council are also fighting to take the seats of some of the Chiefs from the Upper end?

I didn’t know that son.

Oh, that is the politics coming in the whole thing and they are trying to frustrate each other in the process.

So, since the chiefs from the Lower end refused to sign the Black Gold paper, what have the chiefs from the Upper end done in the form of retaliation to their colleagues?

Huh, they say the chiefs from the Upper end as a form of retaliation have also refused to sign some paper to put 73 millions in the hands of the chiefs representing the 73 fiefdoms in our village and this has made the Paramount Chief from the Lower end more than mad.

The other day, I heard him talking to himself that since the chiefs from the Upper end have refused to sign, he will make sure he and his people put it in the national cake, because they have the power to mix the ingredients of the national cake.

Father, he did not stop there, he said if the chiefs up there think they have power, he will make sure they frustrate them by not finishing the national cake on time-meaning they will not be able to get money to go out and buy public opinions that will enable them to be acquitted in the court of public opinion and retain their positions.

So, as it is now, there is a serious power struggle going on and everybody is using their power in the village Oracle to punish the other-and Father, we will just sit and watch because we know at the end, they will have to appear before the village judgment seat each of them.

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