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Lord, Hope Da Na So, So Talk Again Oo

Dear Father:

Huh, Happy New Year, we na die oo Father. At least you help some of us to see this other year-I mean to see the new calendars in town and to start counting from January through to December, because nothing change.

What do you mean?

Ah, Father, the way people can be talking: next year things will not be this way and that way, I thought when the clock clicks 12:00 midnight then by the time you come outside  from the church or wherever you will see everything changing.

If you had grey hair, maybe you had wish for a black and then suddenly all your hair will turn black. If you had wish like some people who say next year I will get a wife, then a nice pretty young lady will be standing by you or if you are like our village big, big people who can say “next year we will construct the 150 km road from here to Bokongedeh, then you will just wake up and see, ehn.

Last year, our ears didn’t rest so, so talk. Some of the  things they told us sef, come to think of it and looking at the way they can do things you wonder if it will ever happen this year as they have said because I can’t say have promised .

My son, is that the way to wish people Happy New Year?

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Ah, but Father, I thought when people wishing their special someone them Happy New Year or so they can wish them some blessing too.

But, son, is the Happy New Year for me or for the village?

Okay, it is for both of the two. So let me now wish our village Happy New Year: Happy New Year to our highly forested village, at least thanks to the PUP that the forest has been depleted by over 30% with some people pockets and purses loaded-another year would have extended it by 70 percent.

Anyway, may this year see at least 20 village officials prosecuted and at least 19 sentence to various terms of prison for chopping our village money some of whom are from the PUP jackpot and one ask to restitute our money just because of presidential pardon with property seize as well.

May this year not see the peeking man grant of Uncle Sam money 60 million being withdrawn because of the heat in the Old Lady which has melted all the irons leaving her with just flesh.

May the first month in this New Year not see the Old Lady maintaining some enemies of progress in her kitchen cabinet. May this year see them leaving the kitchen strict to jail, and not collecting their get out of jail passes.

Ay, but my son is that how you bless people you can’t keep some of the blessings?

No, Father, it is the  Isaac type of blessing, you release all at once, so that when the Esau comes he may have nothing left.

This year Father, da na plenty talking ooh you know….No, ooh you know this year, since this is the Old Lady second and last year everything must come double, double.  Double punishment for rogue kitchen staff, double super highway connection everywhere.

But my son where you will get the money from?

Father, ehn that chief with the fat jaws say we should go and borrow some money. So if we get the money  we will do everything quick, quick,

Provided they closed the Old Lady kitchen door,  before they send the money and some of the greedy chiefs at the Traditional Council are tamed or else cars will argue in this town. The way they like car sef, even cars that they can’t afford to take care of after the village people chase them out of the Traditional Council that what they will buy.

What about the town criers, ooh, we know some of them like the carto business so they will be screaming everywhere for it. Some of them can be behind the carto until the real work sef, they can’t pay attention to it.

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