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Lord, hope the other “demigods” saw what happened!

Dear Father:
The old people say when you are climbing a tree, you should be very careful because the very branches you hold on your way up will be the same branches that you will need on your way  down. But it looks like most of the Chiefs from our Traditional Council have soon forgotten this proverb and some have been taught very badly.

My son who are you putting your mouth on again? This New Year you will not change?

Huh Father, ehn da those conmen them from the Traditional Council, they thought they were everything until the village people recently decided to kick most of them out of the Traditional Council.

You know, Father, some people get very short membrane. Those ungrateful chiefs soon forgot that it was the village people who elected them to go to the Traditional Council in the first place to make free money for  9 whole years. And what did they do, they saw themselves as demigods.

Father they did not only stop there but they became law and gospel and some soon manifested the gifts of Falcao and Killer Bean-they couldn’t listen  not to even mention the arrogance some of them displayed.

Little did they know that a time was coming for them to come down the very tree and would have needed those branches  which they chopped off some 9 years ago after climbing.

And from what I  saw Father, if you had lined up the 103 chiefs at the Traditional Council, chances  are that only a handful would have returned and to put a figure to it- maybe 10 out of the 103.

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This is how the people of this village have become disgusted with the chiefs at the Traditional Council-those self seeking chiefs who put selves before people.

My son no wonder many of them are running from one Palaver hut to the other.

But Father, you too ya, you know what it means to make such huge money and get free allowances, free scratch cards, gas slip for 9 whole solid years-some of them will be very stupid if they don’t miss it.

So you see why it shouldn’t be surprising to you while they are fighting tooth and nails to remain at the Traditional Council.

Huh, my son, I know those ones that are going to be vetted in 2017 are worrying like hell?

Father, the people have already defined their own future so why should they worry? It is them who carved out their own future-forgetting those who put them there in the first place and some beating their chests as if they dropped from the sky to enter the Traditional Council.

Some soon forgot the reason the village people elected them. Those in single room soon built mansions. Those with no vehicles, can now boast of more than three. Their pantries are stalked with food, while their freezers choked with meat amidst 24/7 current, while the villagers sleep in hunger and thick darkness.

My son oo, you don’t blame those chiefs too because they usually pay off the villagers to get them elected. So when they get there they owe nobody anything.

Huh, let them sit there and think that their money will make them to go back there. We saw a living example of how some people spent money and yet the villagers turned their backs on them. In fact, they even created a new song with the lyric: 1-2-3. This should prove to them that the villagers are more determine not to be fooled again.

My only message is that I hope the ones there are watching because 3 years from now they either shake up or shake out!

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