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Lord, how can they distance themselves?

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Dear Father:
You know, of late it is becoming very common in our village for chiefs from the Traditional Council and others like them to always distance themselves from our village establishment. More often, they blamed all of their combine failures on the head of the Old Lady.

What are you trying to say my son? Father, sometimes it baffles me and leaves me wondering whether some of our chiefs really attended grade schools before the war or whether they had good primary education background.

It’s true Father, because for the chiefs from the Traditional Council to continue to tell us, villagers that the poor performances of this establishment over the past 10 years is as a result of one Old Lady who have swept all the accolades around the globe but have failed to win the hearts of her villagers is a concern.

Except Father, those chiefs are telling us that they never did civics in class three before the war- because civics teaches us that our village has a unitary form of establishment comprising of three separate branches, of which the Paramount Chief is the head of the first branch.

So for someone like him and other chiefs like him to be hallucinating around here trying to blame the mess they have all created on one person is total madness.  And Father it saddens my heart for people to cheer such nonsense comment from hypocritical chiefs like this bald face liar instead of stoning him.

Is he any different from the Old Lady? Oh yes, one can say that because he came to this very establishment a broker but today he is the proud owner of million dollars worth of Mansons, while most villagers continue to live in abject poverty.

But he is not at fault though, because in his little mind, his civics teaches him to be an outsider and only the head of the second branch of our village establishment should take all the blames. So, tell me, what about all the bogus contracts he and his fellow chiefs okayed, or the trouble surrounding the oil money that his hands were so deep in the cookies jar? Rubbish!

How dare you people come shouting clean, clean, clean when all you ever care for is your share of our village cake and you don’t care how much goes towards lifting the indigents and poor out of poverty?
My son calm down?
Hahaha, Father don’t mind these selfish self seeking individuals whose only gods are their bellies. But I don’t blame them, I blame the villagers who stand to listen to such nonsense coming from the mouth of these chiefs and others like them who serve in this establishment but now want to distance themselves because they want our mandate for the next nine and six years respectively.
Anyway, that is what happens when you have a half baked educated society with bunch of the villagers being so gullible. None of those chiefs or others like them from this establishment can stand before me and utter such nonsense. I will asked you which school you attended because even my 9-year old pekin knows that our village establishment comprises three equal and separate branches. So when it fails it means all of them in power have failed.
It means the chiefs from the Traditional Council failed, the Old Lady and her kitchen staff failed and our elders from the Palaver Hut also failed.
What this also means is that they were all eating and drinking and merry making with our resources and failed to do checks and balances.
This is why I just wish the villagers here were thinking like me, not one of these bunch of failures who have shown face in the new establishment after 2017. We should retire them all none is worth staying, especially those who are now trying to trade blames.
Hahaha, don’t mind those fools my son, they are all stealing your village money one way or the other and they all should be retired come 2017.
Yes, Father, we are truly tire with their lies and empty promises. We don’t want no old wine in new bottles. They should all just leave! Retire, Retire, Retire, leave our village alone!

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