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Lord, How Interesting?

Dear Father,

Sometimes when you sit in public gatherings and listen to some of the conversations around you, it can be so amusing. In most cases there are people who talked loudest as if they alone know it all, but their actual aim is to invite their immediate audience attention.

The other day I walked into a restaurant to have lunch. At first, the entire place was quiet accept for the spoons and plates that were engaged in various debates from one table to another depending on the type of menu ordered.

Father, suddenly, there walked in one of the famous trouble makers of our time. He came in with that air of authority, like shining plates on the dining room table, forgetting to know that the day it got broken its fate ended on the dumped site.

Anyway, Father, when the guy walked in, he exchanged greetings with one of his old time friend and jokingly told him that he was ordering his food on his account.

But he did not stop there; he told the man that he was making the request because he wants him to be one of his sponsors in the coming elections. His friend then asked whether he was also contest in the coming elections he said yes and added: “I had my iron, you people took it from me, you don’t want me to have rubber too?

His friend, who had almost empty his bowl of torgborgee then replied saying why you people can’t forget this politics?

The village trouble maker replied: “how do you think the Old Lady got in the chair today, didn’t she start from somewhere and continue.”

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“But why you people can’t leave this woman alone, she is doing well,” his friend, apparently a business man said.

“I see, you people are the ones supporting this one party state here. You get one 79-year old, Old Lady and you have made her the head. The same thing the 13 people did you people have forgotten so soon. You people want a group of Old Ladies some of whom are in …hospital to continue to rule us.

“Why all of you want to move this Old Lady?” the guy emptying his torgborgee bowl asked? “All the good, good things she is doing, nobody able to do better than she is doing right now, so why yor can’t leave her alone?” He continued.

This famous village trouble maker who by now had his bowl of dumboy right before him yells: “This is what I hate to here, what make you people think nobody can do better than her?”

“There are other who can do better than what she is doing,” he said.

“You are the people who are forming this one party state. Yet you want one 79-year old, Old Lady to drive our future,” this famous village trouble maker added.

“You people want all those Old Ladies who are surviving on Chinese medicine to continue to rule over us, we are going to change it,” he said.

By this time the conversation has become interesting and it has attracted other lunch goers.

“I am not say she is not doing well, but I say there are other people who can do better,” he continued.

“So, who are you supporting?” Asked his friend. “I can’t say who I am supporting, but one thing I can tell you is who I am not supporting and that’s the Old Lady!” The famous village trouble maker said.

His replied won a response from a female who was sitting right before me. “I like that response,” she said.

“So only the Old people can die ehn,” interrupted an old lady who sat at my back. “Yes,” the village trouble maker responded and added: “Me, I don’t care whether da Old Lady there or that young boy all I know I am contesting for the Legislature,” he said.

Father, by now his friend who has completed his meal and effected payment said there is no way that the Old Lady was going to lose this coming election because people have seen her good works.

“Yes, you people who still think she will win are in minority, and those against are in majority.” His comment attracted a chorus response from almost everyone sitting in the restaurant including the proprietors saying: “We beg you ya, she is going to win and there is no doubt about that!”

Father, I just said to myself, how interesting, a sample poll in this little restaurant.

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