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Lord, how the sickness will not spread sef?

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Dear Father:
Hmmm, it look like we nageh inside again oo. Our people say the sickness is spreading like wide fire so they na push the curfew and lockdown to one more month oo. Hmmm, yor will stay long inside.

Father, it na fun oo. The people say the number of sick people keep going up and it na easy. Right now all the Fiefdom in our village na register case. You mean real case, because it look like the sickness in yor village is different from the other villagesoo?

What do you mean Father?
Ah, in yor village, it look like the sickness can only catch big people and dead body oo?
Um, Father this one too heavy for my mouth oo, because our big people when they go to the sick bush they can be taking picture and putting it on face to face. They who can catch it can be enjoying in the sick bush oo. But the people who can died in the lay sick homes they get around the village da the ones they can say died from the sickness.
Na waoo.

I tell you o Father. When I tell you our people joking around here other people can be saying I too harsh. Tell me Father, where in the other villages will their leader refused to go do his test after coming in contact with a helper ehn. Then when the people forced him na, he come outside to pretend like he na sick or he too big to do his test.

Na, you see what happening, they can’t even force the people to wear mask because they are not leading the people by example. They say one thing and do the other. Na the people say they will nawear the mask-see trouble.

Hmm, we inside, the child who can’t hear can feel. We all feeling it naehn. We said we wanted monkey eyebolt-monkey eyebolt is here live.
I know ehn.

Yes ooFather. They say the man can be having party every weekend to that his place that get Bob Marley village name. So tell me na, how the thing will na spread. You who the leader you na want to observe the social distancing but da the people must observe while you keep throwing party.Ehn, no wonder only the big, big people name we can hear in this sickness bisnay.

Yes, oo Father. The other day one of the chiefs from the Traditional Council, the man who heading the sick homes bisnay in our village threw a very big party for his girlfriend on the same day they told us to start going back indoors at 6pm.
Can you imagine?

Oh, Father, so when we say our big, big people in this village are not serious, they think we are saying it out of disrespect, but that the truth we can be talking so.The people hay hard like turtle back.

But we inside, ehn we say we will na learn. No wonder we na turned to the poorest village in the whole wide world.

Tell me something!
Oh yes Father, we are the poorest village in the whole wide world with a “millionaire” leader. The man who only chop our village king before he could put a decent roof over his head.

So, what he did with all the millions his people say he get na?
Hmmm, Father da one my mouth na able it oo. But one thing we know is that the Oldman up there can’t sleep. Anything you steal to get will not last with you. Let them be there and think they are enjoying with their small, small girlfriend them. This too shall pass.

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