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Lord, I am an advocate too

Dear Father:

There is a maxim that tyrants make fools heroes. But over time in our village Father, I have come to realize that even cowards do make fools heroes. In fact, being a kind of super hero too is very easy here.

But what is more interesting is do you know that nowadays it is very easy to become a celebrated self-proclaimed advocate? Yes, I tell you how and why it is so easy. When a nation refuses to invest in the human resource capacity of its people like our village, predominantly occupied by half baked educated and gullible people, anybody can become a celebrated star over night-with the ability of plunging the entire village into total chaos too. Self proclaimed advocates they called them nowadays or political extortionists? Whatever but that is what such society often produces.

Is it that so simple in your village? Oh, yes, Father trust me. It is that easy as eating a dried rice with red palm oil. First you must be a loose talker and able to hype the facts. Mix the little truth you have with some falsehoods. And with the proliferations of the newspapers, radio and television stations flooding all over the place without programming, you bet becoming a self-proclaimed human rights advocate and a prominent voice in our village is easy.

Just get one or two radio stations or newspapers to broadcast or disseminate any stupidness you have to say. Get one or two of these stations to always invite you on their programs to rain insults at your leaders.

Don’t worry about morals and the offensive languages that you will use. In fact, the villagers will like you for that anyway because most of our leaders are consider bunch of thieves in the first place so no one cares about their respect.

Moreover, you will soon get most of these gullible villagers calling you their voice-one who speaks for the masses. The leaders of the village will not talk because they know that most of them are thieves anyway.

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As you talk on the radio stations and get a little headline here and there in the papers bulk of whom are just our village capital based, you are headed for stardom. Soon, you will get some disciples -I mean likeminded people like you to start following you. I mean people who think they want to be part of history making by hook or crook.

And with our society full of the crabology ideology, you will soon find some big hands calling you to give you some hangouts urging you to continue your abusive campaign at their advantages. Once in a while, they would come and throw in some jabs to support your assertions.

Don’t worry about calls on your shows, there are free credits at your disposal as long as competing service providers here are uploading free credits to attract customers. And while you are speaking on one of these radio stations they will definitely call to commend you.

Don’t worry about your audience understanding the discussion in studio, they will still call to commend you anyway. And why worry so much about your audience understanding you, when even your host himself or herself does not understand the subject, they just want to kill off airtime, so why blame the poor gullible villagers.

You are almost near stardom as long as you continue to rain insults at the people in authority and accuse them for all manner of crimes too.

You know why, because by so doing you are just about to hit the jackpot-some cowards somewhere will soon call one of the big security people to say you sitting down there and this little rat is insulting our boss like that? That security man without using his or her discretion would over zealously send for your arrest. And there you go, target achieved. You are now a hero and a self proclaimed advocate with your photographs filling all the pages of the papers and television stations. Don’t worry getting a lawyer who has a beef to pick with the so call corrupt regime will be standing by your side as the cameras roll.

But why wouldn’t our village be like this, highly forested and bunch of half baked educated people when a few people have for a period of over 150 years seen themselves as the only group with the legitimate right to rule this village.

So what did they do? they neglected about 99.9% of the population in terms of development, education, road networks and yes basis social services such as water, electricity and access to good health system.

For the period of over 150 years they were only able to establish one University as the highest institution of learning. Resources distribution was never their intention. And so they own every building in the village while the village had to rent from them because monies that were meant to construct its own went to individual pockets.

These oppressors of the natives felt they were the sole owners of the village resources so only they are their generation stood to benefit.

In fact, you needed to bear certain names before enrolling in certain colleges at our hill of learning. Further education for those walking out of our hill of learning was for a privilege few.

Now Father, remember I told you earlier that 99.9% of the population had been neglected-right. So, all of these have translated to hatred and disgust for those who are currently heading our village. And with this in the mind of many villagers who can afford a day’s meal, they are ready to see any self proclaimed advocate or extortionist as a messiah. So, you see why I want to me an advocate too.

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