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Lord, I hear 2023 da God’s time oo

Dear Father,

You know, just the other night, I sat with one old man and as we both quietly talked across the table mainly about 2023, he said one thing that has since been playing on my mind.

Hmmm, what is it my son?

Um, you know in a very quiet but subtle voice, the Old Man said this village has had it all. I said ehn? He said this village has seen everything and God says he has given all the different types of leaders. So, this coming 2023 God says da his time.

When he said that I stretched my tiny eyes and the look on my face could tell that my mind was asking plenty questions inside than what he could see from the mere look or expression on my face.

Yes, Father, too many things just started running to my mind like a computer sever receiving thousands of hit at the same time in a second.

The Old Man looked in my face for long and then he said: God said he gave us one old man for 27 years, then he gave us a Bishop who came sooner than his time, still we were not satisfied.

Knowing na that he had seized my attention for real, the Old Man continued: Then God gave us one sojar man, we said we were not feeling him too much. Therefore, he brought us one rebel and after we have cried, he brought us a woman who went on to play grandmother to everybody.

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Father, can you imagine?  The Old Man said as if that was not enough, my village people said they were not satisfied and that they wanted an icon, a celebrity, somebody young, a person who will make us jolly, jolly all night like then and so he gave us the Country Giant.

Now, that it looks like things are not turning out well, he said God says 2023, da his time to take over the village.

Now, imagine, me sitting there and thinking whether is was the soup that was making the Old Man to say what he was saying or it was a coded message he was passing on to me.

The truth is Father, all of the characters the Old Man named above have all been at our village Castle, yet our village from time in memorial has remained the same.

Sometimes, we tend to wonder whether our village has been on a long-term competition with salary.

You say whatin?

Yes Father, sometimes I wonder if our village is in some kina competition with salary because salary do grow-every other thing in the village will grow but not salary.

Anyway, we here, we will be glad for the Old Man upstairs himself to step in next year-at least we will be having the Almighty himself.

But before we go, I hope he visit Lofa and do something there oh.

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