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Lord, I heard the bush meats are celebrating oo

Dear Father:

Huh, so they say people must not eat bush meat and monkey meat again? Damn, I don’t know how some people will manage oo.
What do you mean my son?

Father do you know what it means to eat Torborgee without dried bush meat-like monkey meat and dried Deer meat inside it? It just means red palm oil bitterboy soup. It is the same way the Kru or Krebo man will not eat palm butter soup without Tabado inside.

Hmmm, the bush meats them must be celebrating this welcoming news then?

Huh, Father, da only the bush meats them, even the Conservation people are happy. Already some of the bush meats I learned had gone in for family planning, after the Conservation people had talk and gotten tired, they (bush meats) must be having a 45 day feast by now. You know what it means to be giving birth to your children and you can’t see their future?

But, why this sudden change?

Oh, Father, haven’t you heard that the new killer disease in town is found within these bush meat? They say the new killer is faster than that Jamaican athlete -Bolt, and is much more deadly than HIV.

Is that so my son?

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Yes, oo Father.

What about the women too, I heard they say no man and woman business for 45-days, at least there will be no fornication sermon in my house these few days then.

Father, you mine that old man, he thinks because he na doing man and woman business again so everybody must be like him-Nobody told him to start sooner. And to tell you the truth Father, not even the spirit filled pastors will agree with that one. Bust meat and other things we agreed, but the man and woman part, Father that one will not hold.

Father, even as we speak in my village, everybody thinks, Ebola is another scam by our big, big people to chop money. Some people say the same way the people were making noise for the army worms until one big man hay go leave inside is the same noise they have started with Ebola. 

Is that so my son?

Father, you know your people in this village can’t take anything serious. They are just like Thomas in your Good Book.

Some say until they see the Ebola victim dead patient or the dead body, they will not believe that it is here. Father, you know up till now, just as some people have doubt about HIV Aids, it is the same way. In fact in some places people are now using the name Ebola to make all kinds of fun-only few people are taking it very seriously.

So you mean the celebration by the bush meats will be short lived?

Father, one thing I know for sure is that those doubting Thomases will say it like we always say here that “for bad dream business I will not sleep?” So to answer your question Father, I don’t think everybody will believe this Ebola guy, less to say listen to that old man who says people must not do man and woman business for 45-days.

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